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For Art Crocket, plagued since childhood with bizarre hallucinations, getting through a normal day can be rough. And just when he's getting the hang of it, a life threatening accident lands him in a hospital where patients die under impossible circumstances.
Now his new normal is learning how to stay alive.
Every lesson comes at the risk of another life lost. His could be next, but Art's almost okay with that, as long as it isn't Ida's.

If you like to laugh out loud one minute, and be moved to tears the next, this book is for you. It's as silly as real life, and as noble as the best person you've ever met. Painful, joyous, and eye opening. Horrifying, erotic, and tender.


"Arthur Dent meets Valentine Michael Smith in this thrilling ride through the funhouse of perception. A must read!"

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 15
Pat Nyguyen-Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

greatflyingpencil ,

Funny, addictive, and emotional

I usually take months to get through a book. I read this one in a week.

First, I love the main character/narrator. His reactions to the crazy stuff happening is entertaining and hilarious. So many good quotes! I found the use of sarcasm and humor to get through a tough situation reminiscent of the Martian (my favorite book).

I grew very attached to the main protagonists. They’re precious both as people and as a duo.

Without spoiling anything, the storyline definitely had me hooked (hence the fast read). I constantly wanted to know what happens next, and the things that were confusing (in a good way) at the beginning eventually come together and click in a satisfying manner.

This is definitely for mature audiences. The story involves trauma, violence, bodily injury, and rape. Some parts can be hard to read through. This is central to the book’s main themes, and those dark topics are handled thoughtfully and in an ultimately uplifting way. The story brought me close to tears a few times.

Finally, the turn of events near the end of the book makes me think that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that the sequel(s) will expand on this beginning in ways that I absolutely cannot predict. I’m excited to see what comes next!