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The Business of ePublishing 2015 Edition explains in thorough detail what professional publishers, designers, and traditional, independent, and hybrid authors need to know about the world and business of digital publishing in 2015 and beyond. It goes beyond the rhetoric and paranoid proclamations rampant in social media, blogs, and news outlets to provide provable, unbiased insight into the users, devices, formats, and real world economics of ebooks, fixed-layout ebooks, digital textbooks, digital magazines, and more for all levels of publishing—enterprise, small- to medium-sized publishers, indies, and self-publishers.

Whether you are an aspiring self-publisher or the CEO of a major publishing house, a freelance designer or sales person, this book provides you with the insight, background, statistics, figures, and examples to help you make sense of the business, economic, and marketing concerns of epublishing, and help you plot your future for a successful year in digital publishing.  Whether your intent is to sell yourself, your boss, or your clients, or if you just want to educate yourself about the realities of the world of epublishing, you’ll find in this book a cornucopia of important, relevant data.

Computers & Internet
March 13
Pariah S. Burke
Pariah Burke

Customer Reviews

Ilusionista AGR ,

Pariah is ahead of the curve

I discovered Pariah through his Train Simple trainings and I am so glad to come across his work. He seems to be a visionary through all of his work and he demostrates that again on this title. I love how he ended with a note on “be aware of revisions” I wonder how many people will be reviewing his work and expanding it in the future, he is just going ahead of the curve, I am grateful he is sharing it with us now.
Probably the section on data and graphs could be presented in a way that is easier to digest and interpret, probably just keep it simple and nicely organized in each page with specific conclusions. Some of the trend charts are pretty much unreadable. Anyway the data is relevant and extremely useful.

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