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You must have heard a lot about Silicon Valley or other forms of global enterprise. If you want to go worldwide, you will have to ask yourself the following question: Is it possible to make a big business somewhere except for the U.S.A.?

The answer is да (yes).

Even though Russia is not a topic for discussion and writing as much as the U.S.A. is, it represents another huge market with an immense potential for enterprise. Forget about all the clichés you have heard about Russia so far and join my story for a while. .Russia was love at first sight for me. Even getting off the plane in Moscow for the first time I had that feeling it would not be easy for me to leave this country and the city. Of course, nothing in life is perfect, much like my later business in Russia.

This book was born to make things somehow easier for those brave entrepreneurs who decide to aim at the Russian market as I did. Its objective is to show the life of a Russian company from its establishment and its gradual growth up to reaching the position of the most influential player on the market. Plus all that goes with it – the flavor of victory and strategies leading to it, but also its dark sides that you might hopefully avoid thanks to this book.

The book you are holding in your hands or has been uploaded in your reader is not just another set of boring rules on business. It was written with the focus on the character of the Russian market and contains a lot of specific information, advice, graphs and useful links.

I decided to go deep regarding the facts, though I really wish that you enjoy the book as a kind of adventure that you might wish to experience yourselves.

As I am neither a professional writer nor an entrepreneur on his way to retirement who would have loads of free time, I asked the professional writer Ivica Ďuricová to help me with the book. I hope that the book will read well thanks to her advice.

So let‘s start the story now...

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