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This book is an essential resource for everyone involved in business transactions and operations. It is a useful assistant to entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and other professionals. Business law governs all commercial activities, and businesspeople deal with it on a daily basis, even when they do not realize it. Entrepreneurs and managers should be familiar with the applicable statutes and regulations in order to make calculated decisions rather than uneducated guesses and costly mistakes.

Business Law for Entrepreneurs was written to serve as a reference guide during the start-up stage of the business as well as during the further functioning of the company. The book covers a broad range of subjects that are applicable to various industries. Readers can refer to specific chapters when and if a need for particular information arises during their business operations. The book provides necessary information, explanations, examples, and practical solutions. It does not overwhelm with jargon, legalese, or extremely technical details. Straightforward presentation of the material makes this book easily understandable to people of different educational and professional backgrounds.

The author, Ekaterina Mouratova, Esq. holds law degrees from Pyatigorsk State Technological University (Russia) and Pace University School of Law (New York, USA). Before becoming an attorney, Ekaterina was a business owner and a CEO of a public corporation. Now, she uses her extensive legal and business experience to provide guidance to domestic and international entrepreneurs, helping them to accomplish their business goals smoothly and expeditiously.

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February 26
Ekaterina Mouratova
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Sr011 ,

A must have!

As a recent entrepreneur, I found it extremely helpful in proper set up and running of my business. Having it on my Mac and iPad makes it a great reference tool on the go.

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