Blue Label Short Stories - Hard Female Dominant BDSM, CBT, and Ballbusting

Bust 'Em or Bite 'Em: Erotic Stories of Ball-Busting and Hard CBT

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They’re called the cock and balls or sometimes Mr. Happy and the family jewels. But it isn’t what you call them, but what you do to them that counts. In the world of kinky sex and BDSM, the possibilities are endless. ‘Bust ‘Em or Bite ‘Em’ features eight amazing stories of femdom, ball-busting and CBT that explore all sorts of wonderfully possibilities.

‘A Ph.D. in CBT’ - Harrison enjoys rough CBT, and he’s found a way to get it for free. Lacy Everette, M.D., Ph.D. is wonderfully rough when it comes to investigating his "mysterious problem." It’s on his fifth visit – after she’s readied a wicked variety of tools and secured him to a table – that he realizes she knows about his scam. It’s right after that that he finds out that her Ph.D. is in CBT.

‘Sentenced to CBT’ - They said he could confess his sins, but the gag makes it impossible. Having barely finished the last round of CBT, his heart pounds as she fingers the wicked talons of a metal claw. When her other hand close cruelly around his naked manhood and her lips curl into a wicked smile, he realizes confession was never their intent and the trial is much more about her sins than his.

‘A Night at the Nutcracker Suite’ - Brett’s writing was once inspired by a bit of real life. Now, he spends his time on-line, his tales more fictional than before - until Mistress Shelby offers him a trade. But when they are finally alone in a fancy hotel suite, he learns the erotic CBT fantasy he agreed to isn’t his at all, and the story she suggested he write will be more real than anything he’s written before.

‘Saving His Mistress’ Dungeon’ – He’s the perfect slave. Her desires are his desires, the cruel pain she gives him in her dungeon his greatest pleasure. When times get hard, she finds a way to make her utmost CBT fantasy their salvation. Despite the intimate pain it requires, he dreams of it too. The question is, does he have what it takes to go the distance, and will the reality be as good as their dreams.

‘Bondage for Breakfast’ - Michael wakes tied naked on his bed. His partner stands in the door wearing nothing but an apron and a wicked smile. Her voice is playful as she looked hungrily between his legs, a razor and shaving cream in her hands. “Morning, sleepy head. Do I have breakfast plans for you!” It isn’t until he sees what else she has that he realizes the kind of sadistic fun she really has in mind.

‘Cock Hunting in the Rockies’ – While on vacation, Matt meets a woman who shows him how to enjoy painful things he didn’t know he could enjoy. It gets even better when she seduces him on a hike and does even more wicked things. But when a merciless female sadist bent on cock hunting in the wilds takes him captive, Matt’s newfound enjoyment of CBT becomes a test - a test that only gets crueler when her partner finally arrives.

‘Busting Tony’s Balls’ – Arin makes a hobby of enjoying her groupies. Male or female, she entertains herself at their expense with hours of hard sex, tight bondage and wicked BDSM. Her latest choice is Tony, and she has some very brutal plans his bulging package. But his plans include more than letting her bust his balls. When hobbies collide, who comes out on top? In the end, will it really matter to either of them?

‘They Lust for His Torture Unending’ - When vampires became real, Barry’s sexual fantasies change from women doing sadistically cruel things to him to vampire women doing the unspeakable. He knows the only reason they’ll only get him off is to flavor his blood and satisfy their inhuman lusts. What matters is they’ll use him in ways he’s only dreamed of and make him one of them. It doesn’t hurt that the road to making it happen will be just as enjoyable.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female dominant and male submissive bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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August 5
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