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We all have experiences we struggle to put into words. Whether that be heartbreak, loss, mourning, or internal battles, it's a common theme among all of us as humans. Whether or not you have the ability to understand and put into words, what it is you're going through, this book does that for you. It gives you strength on your worst days, understanding on your weakest days and reminds you more than anything, to keep going.

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March 1
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Customer Reviews

Mone't1 ,


I just want to thank you. This book has tuaght me things i was blinding myself form seeing. Things i would never bring to light. Things that hsadowed me from seeing reality. I believe all t hings happen for a reason and this book, from the first page, made me believe in that even more. This will forvever truely be my favorite book, says someone who dosent even like to read. This book is worth reading, maybe a second, third and a fourth time. 105 pages worth it. You are an amazing writer.

Catos87 ,

Thank you

I’ve been keeping track of everything you’ve written on thought calendar, and I came across this book on there. I’m not a big reader nor do I ever enjoy doing so but lately I’ve been going through some of the hardships I’ve ever encountered. And what you’ve written both in the book and on thought calendar has opened my mind, “you’re not alone” and “ love doesn’t discriminate”. Which our two of the strongest quotes I’ve read, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes on this, I could read this book a million times and the tears would still flow down because everything you talk about is 100% true. Thank you again ❤️