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But Still, Music

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Anne Pitkinís third book, But Still, Music, spans her childhood as a privileged white child in the Jim Crow South to the period of her grown daughterís death. The poems visit the disquieting contradictions of a southern childhood marked by honeysuckle and lightning bugs and the racist culture that was the air she breathed

Pitkinís evocative reflections...are moments of time captured in the amber of poetic wordsmithing... The powerful, highly recommended collection that is But Still, Music should ideally be made part of any discussion group interested in contemporary poetry reflecting place, time, and life monuments. It doesnít just narrate. It sings. óDiane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

These are Anne Pitkin's interrogations of Loss, her moments alone with the Whirlwind that sweeps through human lives and systematically takes all that we love and cherish away from us. With fierce intelligence, humor, grace and great skill, Pitkin offers these haunting poems as her response. 

óJesse Glass, ed. Ahadada Press

But Still, Music by Anne Pitkin truly is a beautiful poetry collection. Rich in imagery, emotion, and passion, these poems are exceptionally composed. óTheresa Kadair, Seattle Book Review

Thereís a fearlessness in the poems of Anne Pitkinís But Still, MusicÖ Nothing is off limits, and thatís part of the bravery of this collectionÖ óEd Harkness, The Law of the Unforeseen

Full of warnings, arguments, and reckonings, Anne Pitkinís But, Still Music attempts to move beyond a mindset ìpretend[ing] all is well,î whether in home, community, nation, or worldÖ ìItís a long story,î she admits, how we eventually come to understand the past; how, in time, we see through perspectives not our own; and how we find mercy, acceptance, perhaps even redemption, as we move farther and more truthfully ìinto our broken-open world.î óJeff Hardin, Watermark

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