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"Butterfly Messages is a bittersweet love story that will have readers wondering "what if" about sweethearts and circumstances in their past." - Annette Mardis, Media General copy editor-Journalist for 30 years.

"Butterfly Messages is a riveting and thoughtful read that should not be overlooked."

"It's an emotionally rich and vibrant book." - Judge, Writers Digest

"I read Butterfly Messages and it made me laugh, cry and hold my breath waiting to learn the answer to the mystery. It has colorful characters, amusing dialogue and the possibility of a sequel."
Connie Hartsfield Hammond

"This charming little book packs a powerful message from, of all things, the delicate and
beautiful butterflies. The author compares our lives to those of the butterflies as being all too
short and fragile.
Therefore, they should be savored each and every day."
Bettie Keene, Ba., MA.,Ed.S.

"Butterfly Messages is very easy to read, and not so easy to put down, once you are meshed in the mystery. Most enjoyable and very well written. I highly recommend it."
Sadie Gamble

"I really enjoyed the book. It was interesting and exciting. I couldn't put it down until I read
the whole thing. Great job!"
Carolyn Tripp

We've all wished for it: The chance for a do-over in some part of our life- the gift of making the most of a second chance.
After 40 years, one phone call from Ash shook her world and life would never be the same again.

This is the dilemma facing Magnolia Gardner Winston after she stumbles upon an old photo of her first love, Ashton Lee Johnson, while packing for her 40th high school reunion. His reappearance into her life forces her to revisit heartbreak and relive the painful and bizarre events from that fateful day on Sugar Mountain. Every twist and turn unravels more of the mystery of their disturbing past, their hidden secrets, and ... their future.

Butterfly Messages is a slice of life story brimming with mystery, turmoil, passion while seasoned with tidbits of true Southern wisdom. The colorful Southern characters are lively and real, as are the life lessons so entertainingly intertwined in this story of rediscovery.

A chance encounter with a wise old handyman named Scratch explains how Butterflies know more about living than humans and how to let go of the past and squeeze all the juice out of every day.

Butterfly Messages shows how a second chance reminds us of the importance of living in the moment... a timeless lesson for all.

You'll laugh, cry and hold your breath waiting to learn the answers to the mystery as you make your way to a surprise ending.

Shocking secrets abound, creating an emotionally suspenseful read!

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Jamie Tingen
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