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"A solid, understandable overview of a methodology that could supercharge investors’ incomes." ―Foreword Clarion Reviews

Invest in real estate and never run out of money—using the hottest strategy in the real estate world!

For years, investors have built wealth through real estate the hard way: saving money slowly and sacrificing their current happiness for a future reward. While this method should produce results in the long run, what if there's a better, more efficient way? What if you can build a real estate empire in years instead of decades?

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat is the first book about the incredible strategy that's sweeping the nation. BRRRR real estate investing has long been a hidden secret of those with decades of experience, but this book will tear down the barriers, reveal the truth, and make financial freedom more attainable than ever. Author and investor David Greene shares the exact systems and processes used to scale his business from buying two houses per year to buying two houses per month using BRRRR. This book will teach you an easy-to-follow plan that will grow your wealth quickly without letting a lack of cash get in the way of pulling it all off.

The BRRRR strategy has changed countless lives, and this book details the exact steps needed for it to change yours. It's time to BRRRR your way to financial independence and grow your wealth!

Inside, you'll discover: A solid plan for getting started, even with limited capital How to identify target properties locally and all over the country Negotiating strategies for making offers that get accepted How to recover 100% (or more) of your money in a deal Unique ways to increase a property's value (and your own net worth) The key to identifying emerging markets destined for huge growth How to recruit top talent to work on your deals (so they build wealth for you!) And so much more!

Business & Personal Finance
May 16
BiggerPockets Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

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Kirschman25 ,

A must read for all investors

BRRRR walks the reader through the smartest and most efficient way to build a rental portfolio. David takes you through each step of the process and lays out his systems for becoming financially free. I have read the book twice and am going on a third. I was floored by the idea that I could recycle the same money over and over again to build my rental portfolio. This meant I didn't have to wait another decade before I had saved enough cash to invest in my next property. This book was a game changer for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in real estate and wants to supercharge the process. I hope you find it as exhilarating as I did!

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