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Life is full of mystery. Is it possible that there is order in the midst of chaos?

Are there solutions to everyday problems? Can there be meaning or purpose in life? Is it possible to know why we are here and where we are going? Why is there so much suffering and death? Is there life after death? Can we be enlightened here and now? Am I destined to lose all identity—to become part of a great nothingness? Is it true that there are no answers? 

There is an ancient book that discusses the many questions in life. It is called, “The Holy Bible.” But are the answers found within its pages trustworthy? To decide for yourself, you need to know what it really says.

By this Name peels the religion off this sacred book and lets the ancient story speak for itself. In the process, a message of hope snaps into focus. It is a must read.

“I understood things I never understood before. It was like a puzzle coming together. It made sense.”

John R. Cross writes from knowledge gained in a life-long study of the Bible. He has extensive experience traveling and living abroad. John and his family are from Canada.

Religion & Spirituality
April 25
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Customer Reviews

JRZ20 ,

Awesome book

Another great book along with a purpose driven life, stranger on the road to Emaus & so much more, it helps a lot with understanding the bible and living life to serve God

bob1123581321 ,

Helped me understand

This was probably the best book to help me understand the Bible. Simply written, and quoting hundreds of Bible verses, it gives an overview of the whole Bible. When I was finished, I understood the big picture of the Bible so clearly, without hype or arm-twisting. Written very objectively. Highly recommended!

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