Cage of Ice and Echoes Cage of Ice and Echoes
#2 - Frozen Fate

Cage of Ice and Echoes

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Publisher Description

Frankie's story continues in this second book in the Frozen Fate trilogy by Pam Godwin.

Frankie and her ruthless protectors conquered unspeakable evil. But their fight to escape the hills of shivers and shadows is far from over.
Stranded in Alaska, survival becomes paramount against starvation, hypothermia, and the dangerous predators lurking outside their isolated cabin.
Sharing precious body heat with her viciously possessive men presents another challenge. She must navigate not only the brutal arctic tundra but also the intricacies of polyamorous love to ensure they make it out alive.
Tensions rise as the ice thickens, and their only hope rests on a plane they can't fly.
Unless they unlock the secrets hidden beneath its wings in a cage of ice and echoes.

April 23
Heartbound Media, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Spellbound Stories Danielle ,

absolutely phenomenal

Pam Godwin is weaving together an absolutely phenomenal, diabolical trilogy, and I am 1000% here for it!

Cage of Ice and Echoes is the second book in the Frozen Fates trilogy. Godwin’s incredible storytelling takes readers on new perilous adventures in the Arctic Circle. When I penned my review of Hills of Shivers and Shadows, I said the bar was set undeniably high, and the epic cliffhanger left me gasping. I hold Godwin to a higher caliber of storytelling, and she’s never disappointed me in the past—and she didn’t start with Cage of Ice and Echoes!

As they fight like crazy to escape HOSS, Frankie and her guys continue to dance to the tune their psycho tormentor sets while their relationships deepen, and profound grief and doubt paint the bleakest of pictures. After her abduction and the horrors of life at HOSS, most FMC would be crying in the corner, but Frankie’s got no quit in her. Life in the remote cabin in Alaska brought new perils, the likes of which only the strongest could survive, but Frankie and her guys refused to give up in the face of adversities that would have bested anyone else. They fight, and when everything is bleakest, they fight harder and harder still to escape.

Set in one of the last inhabitable places on earth, readers are taken on a jaunt where madness, mayhem, and scorching chemistry prevail. It’s become far more than a game of survival of the fittest for Frankie and her guys. I swooned hard for the MMCs with Hills of Shivers and Shadows, but seeing the character arcs unfold throughout Cage of Ice and Echos just reaffirms my belief that Godwin’s character development in this storyline is second to none. It’s one of many strengths I see in Godwin’s writing again and again.

And while often, the second book of a trilogy is like the soggy middle of a sandwich, there is nothing about this book two that had me ready to tap out. Watching the relationships develop was a reward of its own, and Cage of Ice and Echoes added new depths to the brewing romances—OMG, it’s killing me to keep mum because I have so much I want to say about Kodiak! But to keep this review spoiler-free, I’ll say that I’ll never look at a hunting cabin again without that scene living rent-free.😈🔥

I’ve never read anything like the Frozen Fates books, but I can tell you they’ve had me in a chokehold, and I HIGHLY recommend them to dark romance-loving readers. (Provided they check the trigger warnings first because Pam Godwin doesn’t write G-rated fairytales!) While the story she’s painting is one rife with emotions and unputdownable, it’s also unquestionably dark. The depths of the storyline continued to surprise me right up to the cliffhanger with feelings of heightened emotions, most notability hope but I know not to look for light too soon because I’m sure the conclusion of this trilogy is likely to be as dark, brutal, and savage as it is blazing hot!

rloves2read ,

Awesome Read!!!

Wow, just wow! Book 2 of the Frozen Fates trilogy by Pam Godwin has left me wanting to beg for the next book. So many twists and so much mystery is killing me. LOL. These characters have have drawn me in so deep. No spoilers, but this trilogy is full of triggers so be warned. But if you have none, it is a must read for sure!!!!!

Samantha Goff ,

Can’t stop, won’t stop reading til the end.

The twists and turns in this icy, heart wrenching, but also scorching hot dark romance keep coming in the second installment of this series.

Expect the unexpected. Expect all the feels. Expect to be mind blown.

Pam Godwin has done it again, turning villains into characters you find yourself rooting for, and the unconventional into a tempting and heart pounding desire of all. Because why choose?

Frankie continues to push her physical and emotional limits into the heroine MC that I adore. She’s feisty, and fiery, so of course the men in this story can’t get enough of her.

Be prepared to fall into this story head over heels, and considering these characters to be running through your mind day and night. Read at your own risk.

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