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Can two souls trapped in separate cages ever find each other?

Twenty-six years have passed since the link between heaven and earth was severed and all hell broke loose. The fighting raged until the human magic users took over the cities, driving most of the preternaturals into hiding.

This is the world Syndey Burgess has grown up in, locked inside her father’s compound. As the daughter of a human mother and a vampire king, she has all the weaknesses of a vampire but none of their strengths. Anthony keeps her on a tight leash, ever vigilant against the constant imagined threats to her safety. But all she wants is to break free and start a real life.

Noah Riley has lived in captivity for the past twenty years, so long he barely knows how to be a werewolf anymore. Even with a photographic memory, most of his past before the facility feels fuzzy at best. His strongest memories are of the little girl he protected during his childhood: Sydney. When he reaches his full power on his twenty-eighth birth moon, he’ll have a chance to break free to find her and finally reunite with his family.

But vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. Even if Sydney is Noah’s true mate, the vampire king would kill him before he ever let a filthy werewolf near her, especially one of questionable sanity.

Note: This title was originally published by Zoe Winters (The same person as Kitty Thomas) as Unleash The Moon, Preternaturals Book 6.) All content from the original book remains the same. This book can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers, each book has a full and complete HEA.

August 11
Blue Pencil Media

Customer Reviews

Rinsky13 ,

Sad to see the series end!

This is the final book in the Fated Mates series and I’m so sad to see it end!! I love the paranormal, and Kitty did such a fabulous job on this series that it is a must read. Characters connect and run throughout, though all can be read as stand alones. I’m going to rave to you about my love of Kitty Thomas and her work, and this series, but I’m not going to tell you the rundown of the book. I feel you should find that all out on your own. You appreciate it so much more that way! And trust me, you’ll love this!

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