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"You can't come in here. It's breaking and entering. You're the law."

Lion shifter Cage Delgado is the law in Shifter Town. He's not afraid to lay it all on the line to protect his town or the woman he secretly adores.

Ashley Ames is a sweet-tempered lioness who works admin in the local law enforcement offices and indulges in secret fantasies about the town's sexy sheriff. Ash is convinced she's too timid to keep Cage's interest for long, so she refuses to act on their burning attraction.

But things are changing in Shifter Town.

Because Ash is about to come into heat.

Caging Ash is the second book in Novalee Swan's Shifter Town series. It features her trademark heat and emotional intensity and is perfect for readers who love sexy shifter romance and small town charm.

About This Series
Rosewood, Tennessee—or Shifter Town, as the locals call it—has the biggest population of shifters co-existing with humans in the country. Lions, bears, wolves . . . you name it and this town has it. They're the lawmen, bartenders, construction workers. These strong, sexy men find their mates in the women of Rosewood, some willingly and some a little less so, but always in a story worth telling in this hot new series with small town charm by Novalee Swan.

August 19
Swan Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Cute and quick- read in order

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4.5 stars.

4.5 stars.

Book 2 of Shifter Town which takes place in Rosewood, TN. In Book 1, we get a foreknowledge of Ash Ames' unrequited love to the town's sheriff, Cage Delgado, the town's alpha lion shifter. Working in the same building for three years hasn't helped her much. Worse when she's going through a heat.

In her most recent heat onset, she had the misfortune of agreeing to be called in for overtime. Normally, she would say "no". But thing time, she had been under the impression that Cage would be off duty, so what's the harm? Well... the harm is when he himself has to bring in a brawler from Bear's Bar personally, and he gets a nostril-full of Ash's fertile pheromones. So what's the problem? Ash isn't an alpha lioness who could defend her claim on Cage. And there's another alpha female lion in town who would and is trying to nab Cage, and SHE'S going through her heat and wants Cage to relieve her of her cycle's sufferings.

What's a girl lioness to do?

I enjoyed reading more world-creating of this hidden Appalachian town. I found better character development in this story than in Book 1. I wish Novalee Swan would go into better detail of the lion shifter politics. We know the local pride goes on hunts, ones that Ash avoids. I just wished we could have see a lot more of that side of Shifter Town.

Editing was a bit better this time. Less word-switching or wrong words (continuity issues). Still the broken paragraphs which annoy me as I am a speed reader. I will be reading Book 3 based on this book. So just buy the whole series because I've read it twice in the last twenty-four hours!

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