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Caledonia Fae Books 4-6: Druid Lords, Elder Druid, Age of Druids.


Plucked from their homes and transported to the fae realm, a handful of humans from around the world must survive, tame their magic, and some will even find love. Forces that oppose them will stop at nothing to hide the truth and regain control, plunging the world into chaos. Those who do survive will usher a new era into the Otherworld. 


If you like fast-paced magical tales full of danger and suspense where the stakes are nothing less than the survival of two worlds, you'll love Caledonia Fae.


Readers have left hundreds of Five Star Reviews for the Caledonia Fae series. This set contains over 1100 pages of India Drummond's bestselling fantasy series.


Book 4: Druid Lords


The druids of Caledonia have taken their place in the Halls of Mist, only to learn that their path is fraught with many dangers. When their newest member, Huck Webster, finds a woman of magical talents in Amsterdam, their troubles multiply. Lying between them and a peaceful existence are a dead prince, a furious queen, and a druid accused of murder. Each druid must search his soul and discover where his talents, and his loyalties, lie.


Book 5: Elder Druid


As the Druid Hall celebrates the completion of the Mistgate, their leader Munro is abducted, leaving them in disarray. Queen Eilidh declares Munro dead, which threatens the fragile balance of power in the Halls of Mist. With the druids crippled by grief and uncertainty, no one notices the insidious force influencing them from a dark mirror realm.


That force has a voice, a sinister whisper in Lord Druid Douglas' ear, compelling him to feed the Source Stone and driving a wedge between him and his companions. Trath's magic could protect the druid lord, but the prince has fled heartbreak in search of a different life. But will his quest bring redemption or ruin?


Book 6: Age of Druids

Imprisoned by the demons of The Bleak, two lost druids fight to survive while Munro pushes himself to the brink to find them. In his search, he discovers a mysterious gate even the oldest and wisest of the Otherworld fear.


The Halls of Mists are in ruin, and people scheme, grasping at power as a new kingdom emerges and an ancient one reappears. Tragedy pits druid against queen, testing friendship, loyalty, and love once more.


Who will survive and who will be lost forever as desperation drives some to unthinkable ends?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 19
Trindlemoss LLC
Trindlemoss LLC

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