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A wild party culminated in two very different perceptions. The minute things heated up, she ran.  He chased and tried everything he could think of to get her to go out with him, only to be rejected.  He finally admitted defeat and accepted the truth as he saw it.  

Judith Reid was a snob, no different from all those other women he’d met through his wealthy college roommate. In fact, she was worse because she had him believing in love at first sight, when in reality, she set him up. He swore to even the score no matter how long it took.  

Dev is still bent on his following his plans—seducing Judith and then leaving her wanting as he was left wanting all those years ago.  Promises, Promises is the story of what happens when Dev’s plans backfire.  From the moment he sees Judith again, he’s captivated, and he’s the one who’s seduced and left wanting. 

Book Three: James

James Morrison is a man women love.  Good looking.  Talented.  Great fun to be with.  And of course he loves women.  But he has one flaw.  He can’t commit.  

Samantha Collins is determined not to make the same mistakes her mother made…no ambition, living day to day off the government and loving the wrong, loser men who only brought on more misery. 

Sam always thought she had too much sense to fall for James when he tries to help her improve her current relationship, but she tumbles hard.  He’s sexy, fun and likes to play, and he’s never had to work to keep any woman.  Until Sam, who backs away when she realizes she’s no better than her mother, falling in love with James who’s not offering commitment. 

Book four: A Quickstep to Romance

Dirty dancing is the last thing on Mary Ann Murphy’s mind, especially when the partner is Kyle Davidson, as flirty, fun, and sexy as they come. After all so was the last guy who broke her heart.

As the two step their way through the first class, an attraction flares between them, melting the ice around Mary Ann's heart. Still, she knows better than to fall for her sexy leading man with the killer gaze, who has made it clear he's not looking for long-term and she won't settle for anything less.

November 27
Sandy Loyd
Sandy Loyd

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