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This ebook is designed for use in preparing the California Supplemental Exam (CSE). 

My study guide, titled “California Supplemental Exam ---An elemental understanding of the CSE---A synthesis of the California Architects Board recommended reference materials” is based on the test plan, my own experience taking the exam and my notes.  It is friendly, concise, comprehensive, and easy to use.  It also has two companion books titled “California Supplemental Exam---Sample exams and answers”.  The two companion books contain a total of 10 sample exams and answers (more than 300 questions with links to answers). Yes, more than 300 questions with links to answers which will help you understand the exam material and prepare for the exam.

This three part study guide is not only an extended analysis of the test plan but it is also a synthesis of the reference materials recommended by the California Architects Board (CAB).

This study guide and its companion sample exam books cover essential aspects of the knowledge required when taking the CSE.   In utilizing this guide, care should be taken to read through Book One, Book Two and Book Three systematically in order to understand the subject matters covered in the California Supplemental Exam.  This guide is modeled on the various topics presented in the test plan and elucidates the planning, jurisdictional, life safety, and procedural issues which are fundamental to the CSE.

This study guide is divided into three books.  Book One  and Book Two cover the topics most closely related to context, predesign, regulatory, management, design, and construction issues.  Book Three is composed of appendices which present a synthesis of the reference materials and full text of some of the reference materials.  Good luck on the exam.

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All that you'll need to pass the first time

I used the printed version, but I really wish this ebook version was available when I was studying for the oral exam. With two little kids I had to study anywhere and anytime I could and this would have been perfect. I think the content is terrific. They are easy to read and comprehensive. It's the only study material I used (along with the Sample Exams) and I passed on the first try. Tim.

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