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Hello darkness, my old friend…

Still recovering from an explosive family get-together, Tarot-reading mistress of the House of Swords Sara Wilde isn’t ready to return to the war on magic. Then the Magician of the Arcana Council uses Sara to summon an ancient Greek deity for his own devious purposes, and Sara’s suddenly up to her elbows in over-sized egos and millennia-old conflicts. Conflicts that imperil the delicate balance of power between the most formidable mortals on earth and the gods who lay beyond the veil. 

To keep both gods and monsters where they belong, Sara is forced to put out the first call to arms of the four Houses of Magic since the fall of Atlantis, a call that brings ancient enemies into the open and reveals truths about the Council—and the Magician himself—she would have preferred not to know. Worse, a brutal resurgence of violence rocks the Las Vegas Connected community and has Sara questioning everything she knows about her closest allies, while a heightened interest from Interpol starts out as a nuisance but quickly evolves into a far more insidious threat. Sara’s done her best to become a team player, but with friends like these…

Better pray it’s a wrong number when you get the Call of the Wilde. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 5
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

sage healer ,

More Action. More Transformation

Love this book! Sara has come a long way from the artifact finder we see in Book 1 to the powerful leader of the syndicate House of Swords and independent agent employed by the Arcana Council when needed. In this book we find her locating the head of the other houses (Cups, Wands and Pentacles) in attempts to work together as a team to face a great risk to the planet and all it’s inhabitants. As a result of this battle Sara’s power expands even further and her enemies are hot on her tail. More action, more powerful magic, more intrigue - another great read. This series truly meets all the criteria I look for in urban fantasy. The strong female character, watching her grow in power and strength while protecting many warriors and friends to the limit. Give me more Sara Wilde please!

math wizard ,

Changes and Houses

Just under a year ago I found this awesome series of books! I read the first book," Getting Wilde" and got hooked. I finished this book and wow! The story is excellent and the plot has twists some of which I did not expect. You will find traitors, new helpers and interesting changes in the characters. Sara is having so many changes in her life but she wants to help the gifted and the human race. Will the council be supportive and what about the Magician? Read this excellent book and get hooked but you will need to read the rest of the books as this book is not a stand alone book. I recommend this series of books written by an excellent and gifted author, Jenn Stark!

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