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Timothy Becket goes international, answering a call to provide personnel security for his friend, Barry Epstein, who is negotiating a complex business arrangement in London, England. Timothy’s bodyguard skills are put to the test when a sinister ‘toad-like’ mobster and his thug protector threaten the deal, but more importantly, the lives of our heroes. The mobster has a penchant for interior decorating while his henchman wants to mop up the floor with Tim. The reader sits ringside during the most intense fist-a-cuffs allowed by publishing law. But, that's not enough as Tim's girlfriend, Nellie Finn, weighs-in with a 14-inch cast iron skillet. BONG!!
Colorful characters are met along the way. In London, Tim is befriended by a bright young man bent on augmenting his father’s defense business with nanotechnology. And while Tim steadily figures-out his role in this whole deal, he gets his share of lumps. As a side trip, Tim along with Nellie rail to Galway, Ireland, if anything, to allow his left ear lobe to reattach. In town, Tim becomes a 'hit' at Bertie's boxing gym. At the same time, Nellie's Uncle Jack schools both of them a thing or two on small-scale criminality they later apply to rescuing Barry back in London. Deal-making got them into this peril and deal-making gets them out of it. Of course, the reader can’t overlook the goings-on back in the States checking in with the MAC Security Consulting Firm.
Timothy Becket is mixed-race, serious-looking, and physically impressive. He’s young and catching-up on social maturity after five years in prison. Although he has high expectations for this ‘call,’ the unexpected greets him in several ways.
Throughout his quest, Tim learns about deal-making, negotiating and the importance of compromising. Continually reflecting on earlier experiences, he faces the dark complexities of life. Armed with resolve and determination, physical strength and skill, he eventual learns to 'keep his guard up.'

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 9
Richard E Miller

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