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A one-of-a-kind bar with a colorful batch of regulars who tell stories, exchange terrible puns, and meet strangers—human and alien alike—who are drawn to this 'saloon' where "shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased."

"If one were given the task of creating Spider Robinson from scratch, the

best way to do it would be to snatch James Joyce from history, force-feed

him Marx Brothers films and good jazz for the better part of a decade, then

turn him loose on a world badly in need of a look at itself."

- The Vancouver Sun

Spider Robinson is the hottest writer to hit science fiction since Harlan

Ellison, and he can match the master’s frenetic energy and emotional

intensity, arm-break for gut-wrench.”

- The Los Angeles Times

“Nobody’s perfect, but Spider Robinson comes pretty damn close”

- Ben Bova

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 17
Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.
Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.

Customer Reviews

zenfrodo ,

Awesome stories, but...

...whoever did the editing on this should be suspended head-down in a used-beer bucket.

Spider's Callahan tales (especially the early ones) are the most wonderful, awesome, empathetic, and HUMAN SF stories you'll have the pleasure of reading. The problem here is the crap-for-brains editor who apparently didn't realize that not only does Spider revel in puns, but that many of the fun lines and essential dialogue depends on those puns. The editor "corrected" the spelling of many of those puns, rendering the dialogue and scene incomprehensible. Yes, "editor", Spider really did mean "Iris bar", not "Irish bar", and the "correction" makes the characters look like idiots in that particular scene.

If Spider reads this, PLEASE get another editor. Readers, though, the collection is still very worth your time and money.

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