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I had a reputation and he had the solution.
I thought I was done with Hollywood.
Done with acting.
Done with scandal.
Done with all the lies this industry thrives on.
Then I met him…
Jude Fisher.
A man who knows what he wants. A man who doesn’t accept no and demands more from me than I know how to give.
It started out as a way to prepare for the role of a lifetime. But as it gets closer and closer to the audition, I don’t want our scenes to end.
He makes me want him when I thought I had built an impenetrable wall around my heart. He makes me trust him when I thought there was no one left in our industry to trust.
But it’s all just an act … right?
It’s all just for the callback.

"Master Jude will leave you breathless.”—Stacey Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author

"CALLBACK is deliciously sexy, but more—it’s a BDSM relationship done right. Fabulously crafted from start to finish, the chemistry between this couple crackles and sparks. Guaranteed to singe your e-reader." - Nikki Sloane, USA Today Bestselling Author

October 22
Katana Collins
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Crazy not lazy ,


I enjoyed reading this. It’s Not typical BDSM, but it was well-written. I loved the story and characters. I’m glad everything and everybody turned out well. I would have liked to find out about their movie though

tcsbl5 ,

An interesting read and way better than expected!

Marlena (Marly) Taylor is fed up with powerful Hollywood people trading acting roles for sexual favors. She walks away from those sleazy producers and directors without the role, but with her head held high. She auditions for the lead in a new movie being produced by a legitimate studio about the BDSM lifestyle. Her inside joke with her 'fiancé' is that BDSM stands for Burritos, Doritos, Snickers, and M&M's. Her 'fiancé' is an action star, and is up for a recurring role, yet is hiding the secret that he is gay, so that he doesn't potentially lose out on the role.

Jude Fisher has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming film, but he's been burned by his ex-wife, who used him to get more notable acting jobs. Marly does well enough in her audition to get a call back, but so does Jude's ex-wife. Marly is woefully unprepared for the role, and Jude decides to help her prepare by teaching her a bit about the lifestyle. He is actually a participant in the lifestyle, and makes himself vulnerable to Marly by sharing this information. He moves her into his 'club' for a week of exposure to the lifestyle and for lessons in trust.

This book will challenge BDSM stereotypes. For example, while Jude is teaching Marly about the lifestyle, he mentions that "sex is the least of BDSM. Yes, it's a component, but anyone can have sex. It's everything leading up to that which is important." He also stresses that, "it's about the power dynamic between two people. It's sexual in nature...but it's not always about sex." "Above all else, BDSM is about trust. Trust and control." As Marly delves deeper into learning about the lifestyle, she learns some very important lessons about trust.

The supporting characters are interesting as well, and it seems as if the author has additional projects in work for at least one of these friends. Note: this story may even be responsible for a bit of sleep loss...It was definitely difficult to put down.

Cuppycake47 ,

I loved this book SO MUCH!!

This book. You guys… I hope I’m able to convey my love for this story in my review. By the end of the first chapter, I knew I was hooked. I didn’t want to stop reading. Days later and I was still thinking about it.

Yes, Callback is a love story.
But it’s so. much. more.
It’s a lesson in trust. It’s about letting go.
It’s a passion-filled journey and an education about a certain lifestyle.
A story that made my heart feel full & satisfied & so happy.

The chemistry between Jude & Marlena was strong, sizzling, delicious. From the first chapter I was captivated by Jude. He is just so... I don’t even know how to describe him. Of course, caring, generous, and sexy AF, but he’s more than that. He just DID IT FOR ME. The intensity of the looks he gives, the things he says, and *how* he says them. Seriously. *fanning myself* When Marly got chill bumps from a soft touch or a simple command, I swear *I* got them. It’s as if I could hear his voice… that smooth, velvety goodness... and I felt it all the way down to my toes. I could feel the power of Jude. And even though he is the definition of a sexy, alpha man, he also comes with weaknesses. When his vulnerabilities made their appearances, it was heartbreakingly beautiful. I couldn’t help but love this man. Jude has stolen my heart, and I don’t want it back. #masterjudeisMINE

Marlena…I absolutely adored her. I admired her. I could relate to her in so many ways. She is so organized, always in control, and unwilling to trust anyone. I loved watching her transformation from having control, to giving it up. From being afraid to trust, to giving her heart completely.

The love between these two is powerful, intoxicating, and it made me crave every single page of their story.

Ms. Collins’ flawless writing pulled me into this book. I couldn’t get enough of Jude and Marly. Scenes were so vividly written, making them so easy to imagine, making me FEEL everything. Full of heart-pounding goodness that left me breathless. Callback gave me all the right feels in all the right places.

The salted caramel scene? Such a simple act, yet the way it was written was pure perfection. To evoke those feelings in me…pure genius.

BDSM is usually not my cup of tea. But this. The way the author so eloquently described and explained things…absolutely perfect. I am in awe, really. Thank you, Ms. Collins, for opening my eyes.

This book consumed me, left me breathless, and satisfied me on so many levels. It will definitely be a top read of 2018.

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