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Darkness is winning. I can feel my control slipping away. Little by little, my angel lightness is dying and the succubus is taking over…

And my companions realize it as well—my white hair and blue eyes are turning black.

Even though I love Dragan and Baron, I need Cambion’s light in order to balance the darkness within me.
But, Cambion hates me and always has. Yet, he’s the only creature of the light strong enough to survive my feeding from him.

Well, there is one more who could survive it… Variant. But Variant is under the control of a powerful entity who plays him like a puppet. That means, Variant still wants me dead…

To make matters worse, Morrigan, The Midnight Queen, doesn’t appear to be the savior we thought her to be. And when Cambion’s brother, Theren, brings his Unseelie army into the sanctity of The Veil, all hell will break loose.


--Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
--Bully Romance
--Why Choose?
--Explicit Language warning
--Explicit Sexual content

(Reverse Harem)
1. Angel
2. Dragan
3. Baron
4. Cambion
5. Variant
6. Theren (Coming Soon)

(Reverse Harem Fairy Tale)
1. Snow
2. Goldy
3. Aria (Coming Soon)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 10
HP Mallory
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

SI_iPod Touch ,

Six stars if I could! Can’t wait for the next book...

Whenever one of these books come out, I have to clear my schedule because I know I won’t be able to put it down! Another excellent installment of the Sacred Oath series...full of of non stop action and Breathtaking plot twists, this book definitely does not disappoint. There’s the excellent balance of passion, storyline, character development, humor, and action for which Plum Pascal (HP Mallory) is known. Can’t wait for the next book!

invadertwink ,

4.0 out of 5 stars Plot twists, compelling characters, and questionable motives, oh my!

The fourth installment in the Sacred Oath series finds our main characters in a world of growth, anguish, loathing, and denial. Possibly the most frustrating entry to date, Cambion does not hold punches when it comes to dragging our protagonists through the mud, especially the one the book takes its namesake from. To limit spoilers, this review is focused mainly on character development and general plot points, as to discuss anything more would ruin the reading experience!

Pyre, the loveable, wise necromancer, takes center stage in every scene he’s in. His presence is like a waterfall, refreshing and overwhelming all at once. The love he has for living creatures is breathtaking, and it is shown in his treatment and care of Nori, the fun, loyal house brownie, and Flumph, our insane yet indispensable sprite. Pyre’s relationship to Baron is breathtaking to behold as well. Baron looks at Pyre almost as an older brother, and Pyre’s ability to protect The Veil and accept himself while bettering the lives of others is an inspiration to Baron, one that pushes him to be the best version of himself he can be in this second chance at life.

Eilish has also grown tremendously, and her journey is expanding in depth due to Pyre’s presence, much like Baron’s. Eilish is no longer a helpless angel succubae - with every person that trains her, every fighting technique she learns, both mental and physical, Eilish is growing into the person she’s meant to be. She is now a true asset to the team, and she fights constantly to provide the ones she loves with protection and security. Turning to Dragan, his development feels stunted in this installment. Although he has made great progress in acknowledging that Eilish isn’t a bad person despite the half of her that is considered demonic, he is too concerned with his ego to truly make any logical decisions and often embarks on the same long tangents he’s been spewing since “Angel,” even as he seeks enlightenment and peace.

Finally, Cambion’s arc was probably the most interesting one since his introduction. His motives and his relationship with his brother take center stage, and it’s through this dynamic that we get to understand Cambion’s true intentions. Blinded by love and guilt, Cambion makes pivotal choices in this book, ones that result in a spellbinding finale that leaves our weary cast in a precarious and tantalizing situation.

The Midnight Queen is developing as well, but her arc, out of all the characters, was the most tedious to read. She is irritating and the important facets of her personality are so disgusting that quirks like her backhanded compliments and strange requests made me nauseous. Nevertheless, her actions and desires drive the story forward, and I am interested to see her role play out as the series wraps up.

Overall “Cambion” is a fun read, but it is missing the sensual steam and sultry overload that its predecessors contained in beautifully done multitudes. That factor slowed down the read for me, especially in the middle, but made up for it at the end when it picked up the pace. 4/5

Ashley Sparlin ,

Love this series

I love this series! It has something for everyone.

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