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Reformed party-girl Camilla Lind accepts Jared Richardson’s ring, but she won’t be pressured into setting a wedding date at Fleur de Lis. When Steven Sterling, the bane of her old life, shows up to convince her of his undying love, he’s not beneath blackmail to get her back. Camilla fears Jared will believe Steven’s lies because of her shameful past.

Jared has no time to return to Wyoming. Historical restoration contractors are in demand after the hurricane, and work takes him away from Camilla for longer stretches of time. He’s concerned—someone is sending her flowers. When Steven threatens Jared, he fights back. But he won’t marry Camilla if the only reason she sets a date is to avoid Steven. 

Together they learn their love is as steadfast as the Wyoming sky is blue, and Mardi Gras is the perfect time for a wedding.

February 10
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Linda Joyce's Camilla

Who will Camilla marry? Steven Sterling from
her wild younger days who is now pursuing
he or Jared Richardson, her now fiancé from
Wyoming who is a historical restoration
Camilla returned home after Hurricane Katrina
swept through the area leaving Fleur de Lis
with extensive damage.
Being back and helping restore Fleur de Lis
changed Camilla. She became a helpful,
responsible and reliable woman. Camilla
and Jared are engaged but Camilla has been
stalling on setting a wedding date.
So Steven decides to intervene and win her
back. He is determined to chase Jared away.
You will attend a Halloween Ball filled with
suspense, thrills and chills. Jared is late for
the ball. What or who is delaying him??
There is also an unusual Mardi Gras parade
in which the reader will participate.
This completely engrossing story is superbly
written. The unexpected happenings keep
the reader glued from beginning until the last
The characters are well developed, very real
plus very interesting. The book is well plotted
with drama, vivid description plus romance.
A highly recommended romantic read!!!!

Mblteach ,

Camilla:Fleur De Lis Brides

Linda Joyce

In the third book of Fleur De Lis Brides: Camilla, Linda Joyce shows us that the road to a HEA is not always a smooth ride. Can Camilla finally put her past to rest and find her happiness with Jared or will it rear its ugly head and destroy it.
Linda has again continued in her way of creating strong characters who draw you into their lives. You feel their emotions from sadness to happiness. A great read that wants you to find out more of the rest of the family.

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