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The first interactive and multimedia publication of the camminando project is an excerpt of my 2014 walks in New York City. Camminando emerges from two of my greatest passions: walking and art making. These passions gave me strength to survive many hardships encountered in the daily path. Art and walking have been means for my emotional survival. 

Walking effects non only emotional states but also creative thinking. While I walk, my thoughts flow clearly and cognitive states are induced, conducive to problem solving or creative inquiries and insights. Walking becomes a metonym for exploring and connecting.

The poetics of the quotidian can be found at every step we take, when we are mindful of every moment in time and space. As mindfulness is present in meditation, walking can be a meditative state, as often defined in walking meditations. 

In 2014 I lived in three continents —Australia, North America and Europe. This ebook, the first of  the camminando series, includes only excerpts from the walking experiences in New York City, which amount to several hundreds kilometers of recorded walks, over 4000 photographs and hundreds of maps. My existing in space and time, as the intersection between my personal history with collective memories, is narrated by my steps —the intersections between the earth surface and my body. Walking is embodiment of emotions and thoughts and New City urban fabric is experienced from the two-dimensional grid  of the streets on maps to the three-dimensional perceptions of buildings, which create places. Casual encounters with streets and buildings, art galleries and museums are narrated by photos and drawings made by walking paths and memories.

Arts & Entertainment
December 16
Axes mundi
Daniela Bertol

Customer Reviews

mathophile ,

fantastic guide to finding art in the city

one of the best guides for walking and enjoying art in new york city. great not just for tourists but also for everyday new yorkers like myself.

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