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Comedy writer and acclaimed novelist Laurel Osterkamp has written a funny and moving novella about life, love, and politics as seen through the unique lens of Lucy Jones, a quintessential girl-next-door who is obsessed with political campaigns. Liberal, idealistic, and struggling to find her way, Lucy has an easier time believing in causes than she does in herself. But in the midst of analyzing the mistakes made by past political candidates, Lucy attempts to figure out her own choices when it comes to both her private and public life. There's her high school sweetheart Jack; Monty, Jack's magnetic older brother; and her politician boyfriend, Drew. Can any of these men offer Lucy a campaign promise to believe in?

This 19,000 word novella (roughly 60 print-book pages) spans twenty years and offers six slice-of-life vignettes in the life of Lucy Jones:
--The Prom and John Bayard Anderson
--The Wedding and Gary Hart
--The Funeral and Paul Wellstone
--The Baby Shower and Pat Schroeder
--The High School Reunion and Michele Bachmann

As a special bonus the first four chapters of Osterkamp's second full-length novel, Starring in the Movie of My Life, are included in the back.

Laurel Osterkamp was a comedy writer in Minneapolis before she began writing novels. Her first novel, Following My Toes, has been a Kindle best seller and won the 2008 Indie Excellence Award for Chick Lit. Starring in the Movie of My Life received honors in the 2011 Indie Excellence Awards for Chick Lit, and in the 2011 International Book Awards for Women's Fiction and Young Adult Lit. She currently teaches high school, and is working on a sequel to Campaign Promises.

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August 15
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Customer Reviews

Mj cafe ,

Short but sweet

Great novella! It just ended too soon for me. Can't wait to read osterkamp's other stories. Good writer indeed.

Smack004 ,


To say this book was what I imagined would be a gross understatement. But, then again, someone who would bash Michelle Bachman (not saying she was wrong to do so) about all of the idiotic and moronic statements she's made publicly but ignore the King and Queen of public moronic statements - Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi - is lacking in perspective, to say the least. And honestly, the less said about this "book" the better. If I had to assign it to a specific genre I would have to go with "Sad Attempt at Humor With an Unrealistic View of Realism". that too long? Well, so was this book. Since it was free I truly did "get what I paid for".

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