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Guided by the God of All Creation himself, Mukohda and his familiars have found their way into the treasure-filled lair of a long-dead bandit king. Stashed away among the piles of ill-begotten lucre is an item that catches Mukohda's attention: a magical tablet containing the autobiography of an ancient Sage, written in Japanese, of all things!

What secrets could this mysterious book have to teach the other world's most cowardly chef? Who was the Sage, and how did he know Mukohda's native tongue? Will Mukohda manage to stay at home for more than a day before Fel and the others drag him off to another dungeon? And perhaps most importantly of all: What on earth is he supposed to do with the preposterous mountain of money that's been amassing in his Item Box all this time? Adventure awaits, whether Mukohda likes it or not!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 29
J-Novel Club
J-Novel Club LLC

Customer Reviews

Icefang blizzard ,

Idiot twins never learn

The chapter was interesting and funny the idiot twins never learn and make for a funny read and that deplorable goddess just gets more deplorable it’s sad and funny! But I have to say I’m a little surprised with the way Fel is acting lately more bossy and mean to Mukouda he should be more kind and a little bit protective of mukouda because if anything happens to him fel loses all that delicious food and as for that Tabatha looks like spring is coming and didn’t think she was the type to wear glasses

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