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Four hot college stories for one low price!Included in this bundle:1) A Little Knowledge2) Carla Becomes a Service Girl3) Revenge of the Geeks4) The (Accidental) Back Door DemonA Little Knowledge:Rachel and Julie are occult students at Chrystal Heights Community College. When they discover a lost tome hidden in the school library, the two burgeoning witches begin casting spells on each other that have very unintended- and embarrassing- consequences. This 8,200 story has elements of erotica, breast enlargement, bimbo, oral, magic, random orgasms, Asianization, hair growth and magic conflict.Carla Becomes a Service Girl:Cynical brat Carla doesn't believe her grad student friend Glenna's descriptions of the power of the Femdomza Tribe artifacts. Glenna believes she can change Carla's mind. Is Carla ready to take on the power of the Femdomza Tribe? Or will the stubborn brat finally be put in place?Warning: This 16,800 word story contains elements of magic, shaving, mf, ff, hair dye, head shaving, hair growth, breast enlargement, arousal, oral, anal, tattoo, submission and more heat than you can shake a Femdomza artifact at.Revenge of the Geeks:Janelle is an athlete on the university softball team. She's also a bully toward her science major roommate Hallie...and Hallie has had enough. Hallie decides to teach Janelle a lesson using nothing more than a magic pair of high heels. Hallie and her friends will mix science with magic to dispense justice...geek style. Warning: For adults only. This 6,800 word story contains elements of magic, breast enlargement, bimbo, oral, anal, transformation, dancing, Princess Leia's gold bikini and nerd rage.The (Accidental) Back Door Demon:Mindy and Gwen are college girls spending their Friday night doing what college girls do...summoning demons to perform embarrassing activities upon their rivals. But when they forget to prepare properly for the summoning, their night takes an unexpected and embarrassing turn. Can Mindy and Gwen out-think their summoned demons in time to save their back door dignity?Warning: This 3,900 word story contains elements of magic, breast enlargement, growth, anal, ff, tattoo, piercing.

Fiction & Literature
August 26
Chrystal Wynd
Smashwords, Inc.

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