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You’ve never experienced a children’s picture book quite like this before. We’ve gone further than any other book you’ve experienced before, using animations, sounds and interactions to create something truly magical. Your children will not believe their eyes and ears as one image dissolves into another with the flourish of a magic wand and a twinkle in their ears!

The story follows a sister and brother who want to show their daddy all the magic that exists at their farm. If he truly believes, they tell him, he will see it. As they stumble on objects and natural shapes in the world, the kids can see magical images and activities buried within, but their daddy cannot. Will they be able to prove to him that there is magic everywhere? Will he be able to see it?

Can You See The Magic is a collaboration between award-winning writer Chris Stead, and visionary artist Els Dirickx. It showcases Els’ work to establish a new discipline called Reverse Art, which she is pioneering from her base in Southern Sydney, Australia. It involves photographing mundane items in the environment, and then transforming them into a stunning piece of art through digital etching. 

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September 27
Old Mate Media
Chris Stead
Grades P-5

Customer Reviews

Malaking titik-O ,

Wonderful book

Great effects and awesome book

Vida Lyn ,

A beautiful visual treat

"Can You See The Magic"" takes you on an adventure with your little ones as you turn on your imagination and see the magic in the things that are often ignored.

Be sure not to miss the note on how illustrator Els Dirickx brought the images to life. The pages are beautifully paced that allows both the kids and as well as the adult telling the story, to exercise their imagination. Before flipping the next page, take some time to guess with your kids what images the siblings have imagined. Perhaps, you too, need a little bit of magic to see."

Grandma with 3 ,

A magical book to be thoroughly enjoyed!

What a delightful and engaging interactive eBook for children! The author and illustrator have done a brilliant job creating a colourful, interesting and visually compelling book with illustrations and audio that capture the young reader’s interest and imagination.

I appreciate how the pages allow for a child to exercise and develop their imagination, train their sense of observation and see the magic that lies in each page before swiping the page to reveal the magic that was previously hidden.

The story is both beautiful and educational, and I love how the children are the ones that see magic everywhere, and eventually manage to encourage and help their Daddy to try hard enough and believe so that he can see it too.


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