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This unique coffee table size book serves as a guidepost for greater personal development, healing, and spiritual growth.  It’s an intimate memoir of my cancer journey, a daily devotional, a self-help, wise advice book, and full of thought-provoking pages, most of which are suitable for framing. If you have a strong desire for higher spiritual knowledge, find inspiration in proverbs and affirmations, enjoy sitting with elders so you can learn from their wisdom, or get goosebumps when you hear words that resonate with your soul— then this book is definitely a wise investment for the maintenance of good emotional health.

More often than not, we get caught up in our day-to-day lives of taking care of others and fail to realize we are not making time for self-nurturing – which includes self-care and self-encouragement. This inspirational book makes it easy to become a knowledgeable and practiced expert on maintaining good emotional health by better expressing our true, unique selves and understanding of our emotional reactions.  This can lead us to peaceful forgiveness of self and then others.

This book was formed by painful, cancer-pearls-of-great-price fueled by my love and a sincere desire to help others stop hurting emotionally by living and expressing their truth. This book requires pondering. It is the type of book you read it over and over again as your Higher Spirit nudges and guides you to do so, and share with the next family generation.

Whenever you need a word of encouragement, there is always one waiting for you in this extraordinary collection of heavenly random rantings.  Angel Al-cal’s messages will lead you to greater self-realization and understanding. Be assured that what you gain from its wisdom and guidance brings a wealth of insight and blessings.  You have prayed for help, and now it’s here. 


This book was written with the intention of inspiring you to think about your own story, seek your own path, and inspire you to identify your unique, God-given, true self-identity— and then boldly express it.  I believe there is a longing within each human to want something higher than what can be easily seen and achieved by ourselves.  

I courageously call this book a modern-day, re-mix resembling a collection of Psalms. Instead of being written by The Distinguished and Wise King David, it’s written by an African-American nappy headed angel, named Al-cal. It’s my hope people will read this book as a daily devotional. And, that it becomes a way of expressing, and releasing cares, concerns, hopes, dreams, wishes, desires, and love for God and their true selves.  

This book includes…

A glimpse of Alice Faye Hamilton’s (aka Angel Al-cal) personal journey with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C and how her professional workstyle served as the catalyst for and aided the entry of this disease.

Her 2016 cross-over death experience and rebirth journey, boundless, precious wisdom acquired, and specific life-guiding “pearls of great price” gained by way of her cancer experience.

Simple wisdom on topics such as good emotional health maintenance and the importance of right relationships with self, God, lovers, family, friends, others, work, community and of course, food.

Spiritual insights affirming that your connection with God is your most valuable asset by way of life-enhancing and thought-provoking passages and self-discovery questions.

Spiritual truths that will challenge you to boldly seek, accept, honor and express your true unique self. Such as: "The best gift you can give another is to be and live the truth of who you are. The best gift you can give yourself is to be and live the truth of who you are. When you share your truth with another, you inspire healing and often, you heal as well…”

Inspirational messages and photos that will inspire you to identify, honor and intimately connect with your supportive and positive inner circle of family and friends.

An innovative and unique way of obtaining genuine emotional healing by viewing emotionally-charged photos and reading experiences.

I pray that you feel a sense of calm and it serves as a source of encouragement and inspires: positive change through greater self-endearment, self-discovery, and awareness of one’s emotional expressions and personal spiritual self.  More simply said, just be and do you— trusting you were created exactly the way you were designed and intended to be naturally. —Alice Faye Hamilton

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Alice Faye Hamilton

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Alice Faye Mac ,

Cancer And Angel Al-cal’s Wisdom

I love reading this book— I pick it up several times a day when I need encouragement. It's very inspirational!