Canine Body Language

A Photographic Guide

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Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2006, Best General Reference Book

Your dog is talking. Are you listening?
More important are you WATCHING? Dogs are attempting to communicate with humans as well as other dogs all the time. It's up to us to learn how to interpret their native language the language of body movement, facial expression and proximity to things and other beings.
Canine Body Language is an exhaustive photographic documentation of dogs in their day-to-day activities: dogs alone, dogs together, dogs in the water, dogs having fun, dogs that are stressed and dogs in relation to human beings. In addition to the incredible photographs, author Brenda Aloff gives the reader detailed descriptions of what is happening in each photograph so that you can build your canine vocabulary.

Never look at dogs in the same way again!
Learn how to analyze what you see when observing dogs to prevent problems or improve behavior.
Follow the helpful photographic sequences and text to learn how to identify the subtle changes in canine body posture that tells you what a dog is thinking.
Develop a profound appreciation for the intelligence and adaptability of dogs.
Great for professional dog trainers! Use it to teach students important behavioral cues.

What dog trainers are saying about Brenda Aloff's Canine Body Language
A great tool for the dog professionals. A truly valuable work which will be used as a reference for my clients, as well as the behavior staff at the Marin Humane Society. Brenda's comments on canine communications are as valuable as the excellent images that form the bulk of the book.
Trish King, Behavior and Training Director of Marin Humane Society, author of Parenting Your Dog

Once I started reading it, it quickly became apparent that this book should be mandatory reading material for virtually every dog owner. Brenda's description of the canine language and the contexts in which they occur is very well documented.
Ali Brown, author of Scaredy Dog! Understanding & Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog

Author Brenda Aloff is a professional dog trainer specializing in problem behavior. A large part of her practice consists of dogs that have been referred to her when traditional training techniques have failed. She works with owners on re-socialization of fearful and aggressive dogs as well as teaching puppy socialization, competition obedience, conformation, tracking, back-packing, musical freestyle, and agility classes at Heaven On Arf Behavior and Training Center in Midland, Michigan. She is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and The Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Trainer's Forum and several other breed and training organizations. Brenda travels all over the United States giving talks on canine aggression and learning theory.

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