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The 17th Triannual Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (I.A.A.P.) took place in Cape Town, South Africa from August 12‑17, 2007. The theme of Journeys, Encounters: Clinical, Communal, Cultural was reflected in events and presentations throughout the week.

From the Contents:

Preface by Pramila Bennett  13

Opening of Congress by Astrid Berg  17

Welcome Address by Hester Solomon   19

Journeys – Encounters. Clinical, Communal, Cultural by Joe Cambray  23

How Does One Speak of Social Psychology in a Nation in Transition? by Mamphela Ramphele  26

Forgiveness After Mass Atrocities in Cultural Context: Making Public Spaces Intimate by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela  36

Shifting Shadows: Shaping Dynamics in the Cultural Unconscious by Catherine Kaplinsky  55

Jung and Otherings in South Africa by Renos K. Papadopoulos  74

Journey to the Centre: Images of Wilderness and the Origins of the Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts by Graham S. Saayman  84

Race, Racism and Inter-Racialism in Brazil: Clinical and Cultural Perspectives by Walter Boechat & Paula Pantoja Boechat  99

The Stranger in the Therapeutic Space by Uwe Langendorf  114

My Heart Is on My Tongue – The Untranslated Self in a Translated World by Antjie Krog  131

Panel: A Passage to Africa, Part II, Contemporary Perspectives on ‘Jung’s Journey to Africa’ moderated by John Beebe  146

      Life and Soul by Karina Turok  151

      The Sable Venus on the Middle Passage: Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade by Michael Vannoy Adams  159

      The Journey to Africa: Cultural Melancholia in Black and White by Samuel Kimbles  165

The Containing Function of the Transference by François Martin-Vallas  169

Encounter with a Traditional Healer: Western and African Therapeutic Approaches in Dialogue by Suzanne Maiello  185

Brain Mechanisms of Dreaming by Mark Solms  204

      Response by Margaret Wilkinson  218

New Direction Home: African Oracles and Analytic Attitudes by Sherry Salman  225

Panel: The Idea of the Numinous moderated by Ann Casement  242

      Jung, the Numinous, and a Surpassing Myth – The Inevitability of the Numinous by John Dourley  243

      On the Importance of Numinous Experience in the Alchemy of Individuation by Murray Stein  250

      Before We Were: Creating in Being Created – Encounter and Journey in Our Analytic Profession by Ann Belford Ulanov  255

Closing Remarks by Astrid Berg  265

The IAAP Looks Far Ahead – President’s Farewell Address by Christian Gaillard  266

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