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Capital in the Twenty-First Century: by Thomas Piketty | Summary & Analysis

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Economics inequality, uneven concentration of wealth, and prospects of economic growth will stay amongst the top of the world’s issues list of all time. Modernization of economic growth as well as more even spread of knowledge have played a great role in minimizing inequalities at least to a lesser extent than what Karl Marx has predicted. However, the tendency of returns on capital to exceed economic growth rate still aids to the creation of significant inequality. Brilliantly added with empirical data and not just arguments, “Capital in the Twenty First Century” provides a comparative historical research on income inequality that is definitive, fresh, and enlightening. 

A major work on inequalities throughout economic history, “Capital in the Twenty First Century” uncovers major economic and social patterns, providing answers through a vast collection of data to supplement the already provided clear guiding theories. This book is extraordinarily ambitious and rigor, aiming to reorient the reader’s understanding of the history of economy. Further, the readers will be confronted by awakening economic lessons in today’s modern life. It is monumental and influential especially with regard to making an economic analysis. 

Written by a renowned French economist, Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the Twenty First Century” is one of the most important books of the year, if not of the decade. It compares history and its relevance in the modern day society. 

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