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“I want to be scorched by your flame. I want to be enticed by your touch. Let me in. Open the door to your heart so I can save you.”

What is it about the enigmatic and taciturn Julian Devereux that captivates me so? His kind and selfless acts towards others ignite my compassionate nature to protect him from the bitter onslaught of his brother, Joshua Devereux.

But is it merely my nature to help the weak, or is it simply to indulge myself in pleasure, watching in delight as two brothers battle for my attention and their family inheritance?

Maybe deep down, I already know I love him and am willing to sacrifice and back him up in every ordeal. But I didn’t anticipate the path I chose would eventually spiral out of my control, tearing at my heart and tossing me into a labyrinth of illusion.

The Billionaire's Twisted Love series contains content and themes suitable for mature readers. Beware, the love scenes are super hot. This first book ends in a cliffhanger. 

The Billionaire's Twisted Love series reading order:

Book 1: Captivated by You (free to download)

Book 2: Trapped by You (free to download)

Book 3: Loved by You

January 29
Wanitta Praks Media
Wanitta Praks

Customer Reviews

Wolfe86 ,


Julian and Kimberly are full of love, passion, rage, though a bit toxic...
he is one deceiving man.
The author did an incredible job at depicting their personality’s separately and together.
One minute they are arguing, the next they are tender. It flows so well. Having sex like wild animal, to tender love making. Even when Kimberly knows he is horrible, she can’t let go. It was very real.
There is a lot of cussing and her slapping him which is the toxic part(but this is so real becase we all have a toxic side and some people, no matter how much we love them, bring out this side of us). Kimberly is loyal to her friends and is a very straight forward modern girl. I finished this book in one night. Read the second today, and will be buying the third 🥰.
I write, and have been struggling with a character that is like Jillian. This book gave me good insight on how to portray a character who is hot and cold. Your writing style had inspired me too. The little snippets we get of Julians narrative, works well. I wanted to do something similar but thought it was weird, until I saw you do it.
I loved all the twists and turns. It gradually works it’s way up to the cliff hangers. All the descriptions.... Loved this book and all the characters. If you want an author who inspires you, while giving you amazing stories and content... Wanitta is it!

C.X.9 ,

Captivated by You: book 1

I love that the main girl is not your typical weak protagonist who can not stand up for themselves. This is girl is tough, but I didn't want love to blind the girl's eyes. Enjoy the first book so far. Can't wait to see growth in the characters. Can't wait to read the rest of the book.

1Fellowes ,

Captivated by You

Good reading, some of the details described went on longer and were not necessary.

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