Captured by the Orc

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Publisher Description

He says he's an orc. He says she's his. She's still waiting for the camera crew to jump out of the bushes…

After finding her fiancé in the arms of her best friend, Kelly Kingston does the only thing a sensible woman can do. She packs a bag and hightails it to her home town in the back of beyondsville to lick her wounds. Fate, plus her ancient and somewhat cranky car, have other ideas. Stranded on the side of the road, she doesn't expect to become the bait for a monster chase through the woods nor be rescued by over seven feet of green beefcake. With an axe… and tusks… and a leather loincloth.

Convinced she's tumbled into some kind of weird reality TV show, she goes along with his delusions. All she needs is a ride to the next town so she can call for the cavalry. Only, the makeup on that demonic monster looks way too good, and… maybe, just maybe, the big dude is her only chance of making it out alive.

Doesn't hurt that he's sexy, even if he is green.

Author's Note: Inspired by a previously released title, Captured by the Alpha Orc has been extended, revised, changed... basically it's a whole new book with monster smexyness. Enjoy!

February 22
Mina Carter
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RowenaB10 ,

A fun read.

The characters intrigued me, but the story kept me flipping the pages in this newest release that doesn’t disappoint. What started as a horrible day becomes interesting when Kelly finds herself in front of Kayak. It was dark and her car just died and when a big green Orc finds her, she is not prepared for what’s to happen. I loved how the story progress, the characters were fun and their chemistry was hot. Only my first read with this type of character, but it won’t be my last.

Brightndays ,

Will she pick him, his passion, and this new world?

Captured by the Orc is a steamy monster romance that will set your reader on fire. Kelly is running from the heartbreak from her ex when she’s lost in the fog and then rescued by a giant green monster. Karak thinks she’s a faery spy, but also can’t deny the pull to possess her and keep her safe. But when she has the chance to walk away, will Kelly pick Karak and his passion, or will danger strike and all is lost?

It’s fast, it’s naughty, it’s oddly sweet, and once I started this book, I could not put it down! I stayed up way past my bedtime because I was completely captivated by Kelly and Karak! It was definitely one of those reading sessions where I just thought I’d read a chapter or two, and the next thing I knew, it was one in the morning! I loved this book! It was so fun! Kelly was brave and I loved getting into her thought process! Thinking Karak was just a cos-player was kind of hilarious, but it was fun to see her process this new world around her. Karak was brash and bold, possessive and passionate! It was fun to see him interact with Kelly versus how her interacts with his fellow orcs. This book was two worlds colliding into one explosive, red (or maybe green, heh heh) embrace, and I was all for this monster romance. I haven’t read any orc romances previously, but I really hope that Ms. Carter writes more in this world!

Contessajj ,

My first Orc romance, won’t be my last…

The mythology of this story is slow to coalesce, but while we’re waiting Karek and Kelly take us for a thrilling adventure. I love that we get to see them in their own environment before the meet cute. Kerek the Terrible is feared my most Orcs all the more by their enemies, but this monster also has a big heart. Kelly is broken hearted and looking to start her life over, but I don’t think she meant to go this far. This witty tale also throws a couple of curves making it a great read.

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