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On the prison world of Zartak, darkness has fallen on arbitrators and inmates alike. The Night Lords have come, and with them the shadow of fear and pain. But they are not the only ones with an interest in Zartak. From the void, running on silent, another fleet emerges. Its warriors are grey-clad and white-faced, and their eyes are as black as the Outer Dark – the savage Carcharodon Astra. As these two packs of ancient, merciless predators stalk the shadows of the prison colony, both seeking a single young inmate with unnatural talents, the corridors run red, and both factions will have to fight tooth and claw to leave Zartak alive.

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A darkened prison, a pack of Night Lords and the Imperium's most predatory Space Marines – what more could you want from a story?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 7
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Traktou ,


Fantastic novel. I read in In just about 3 days. From the first chapter I was absolutely hooked and have already started on my army for the table top.

hunterian ,

A new Horus Heresy writer

This book is phenomenal. It flows and carries you along. The carcharodons are direct descendants of the Night Lords and are all the more sinister for it.

This author must move over to the Horus Heresy line!

Ed’s reviews ,

Good but….

The story is gripping and well written in most places, but the author makes excessive use of specific terminology when describing scenes. Even as a 40K fan I had to stop and look up what certain references were. It spoils the flow and for someone who might not be a fan could be very off putting. It almost comes across like the author is either trying to demonstrate his technical knowledge of the game or is being lazy in writing descriptions.

To give an example of his writing based on the real world imagine I was writting about an engagment featuring a British solider raising his rifle, but instead of describing the weapon I simply wrote ‘he raised his L85A2, with L123A2 grenade launcher…zzzzzz..

It is a pity because otherwise I enjoyed the book and the Space Marine Chapter in question is one of the more fascinating ones in the 40K setting.

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