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It started as a false accusation by an embittered former employee and ended a half-decade later in a San Antonio courtroom with two words – “not guilty.” Beating the 10-count felony criminal prosecution – over just one FDA-cleared medical device that made up only 0.1% of the company’s sales and never harmed a single patient— took a 121-lawyer team and a $25 million legal bill. Even a single guilty verdict would have put the 500-employee company’s continued existence in doubt and sent its CEO Howard Root to prison for years. In Cardiac Arrest, Howard tells the true story of out-of-control prosecutors leveraging vague federal regulations to manufacture criminal charges that put his company and his freedom in peril.

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January 16
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Customer Reviews

bryans67 ,

The sad reality of American business

The sad reality is that the DOJ has become a money machine for the Federal government. There are countless examples of companies who are threatened with prosecution and end up settling, not because they did anything wrong, but because they cannot afford to fight the government like VSI and Howard Root could. In today’s climate, many just chaulk it up as a cost of doing business. But read how far prosecutors are willing to take things is just plain scary.

The is a well-written, riveting story and worth every minute spent reading it.

docdann ,

“A horror novel disguised as non-fiction”

I loved this book. It scared the crap out me while I was reading it, but what really bothers me is I am more terrified now that I have finished reading.

gwsjr5 ,

Great but scary

This is an amazing story about federal overreach. Howard Root is a brave man for looking the federal monster in the eye and saying go to hell! The many typos do not detract from the story.

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