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If you ever paused your VCR so you could kiss John Taylor's freeze-framed face...if you ever named your Cabbage Patch Doll after Nick Rhodes...if you ever pored over Simon Le Bon's "Union Of The Snake" lyrics in search of clues to the universe...if you can pinpoint the onset of your puberty to the time when you saw the uncensored "Girls On Film" video for the very first time...then you will relate to this ultimate chronicle of one girl's very unglamorous, totally one-sided love affair with the 1980s' most glamorous band. In Careless Memories of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life as a Duran Duran Fan, Yahoo! Music managing editor, unabashed Anglophile, and recovering Duranie Lyndsey Parker chronicles her hilarious and often embarrassing journey from a childhood spent in her Duran-postered bedroom, watching MTV and penning hate mail to crotchety anti-Duran music critics, to her own adulthood as one of Duran Duran's most outspoken professional champions. And along the way, she makes a very strong case for the beloved but misunderstood Boys On Film's place in rock history.

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May 30
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Customer Reviews

Stotten ,

Fun read for any D2 fan!

What a fun stroll down memory lane...from thinking Bonne Bell makeup would turn you into Nagel's Rio girl to those fabulous Capezio's and parachute pants, I laughed out loud at things I hadn't thought about in ages. I, too, had a bedroom wallpapered in JT pics from Tiger Beat and, while I can't say I (remember) French-kissing my TV, I did kiss JT goodnight (all 542 of him) every night. Proud to have been a Duranie dork who also loved the actual music.

l0lca7z ,

Once a Boy Duranie and Now a 42 year old Man Duranie

Lyndsey did a fabulous job! It was a great read and took me back to the best decade ever! My only beef with the article is her assertion there were no proud male Duranies in the 80's. I knew several male Duranies in the 80's who were load & proud! None of us were gay, and in fact, all of us are now parents of teenagers. I wore my white "jazz shoes" ( Caprezes) without socks, tight rolled my jeans, & sported a JT-esque tan Fadora (my dad argued it was an Indians Jones hat). We formed a cover band and played Duran songs... I guess we were in the camp of the Duran Star whose instrument we played. Although I played bass, I was a big fan of Nick's ingenious hair stylings!
Thanks for taking me back Lyndsey!

Speechieteachie ,

Loved this book!!

This short book was a lot of fun to read!! Reading this book made me feel like I was 13 again experiencing Duran Duran for the first time!! The author was right, loving D2 made you instantly cool and part of an exclusive club! I loved her descriptions of her over the top obsession with JT. :) I laughed out loud when she made a photo book to give to John. If you love D2, you should get this book!!