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When Erik Barfknecht, New York’s most notorious drug lord is captured and thrown behind bars, he later learns that Franco Defreitas, his closest associate has betrayed him; stolen a large chunk of his fortune; and is living a luxurious life on an exotic little Caribbean island. He immediately deploys a contingent of assassins on the island to abduct his nemesis and recover what was stolen from him. In an unfortunate twist of fate, his deadliest assassin, The Shadow, has inadvertently switched sides and is wreaking havoc on the island leading to a series of unsolved crimes and a feverish police pursuit.
Robert Cullingberg owns an exotic restaurant on a beachfront. He lives a simple life with his daughter, Marielli and his Lady, Kaila who investigates natural disasters as a way of life. The lives of Robert and his family take a turn for the worst. They are surrounded by a nexus of pronounced violence when a document containing information about a treasure map is thrown in Robert’s possession. Robert discovers too late that all along he has been sitting on a treasure chest. Two of his employees turn out to be ruthless assassins with a history of violence and working for a powerful criminal organization.
Baptist Silver, a local fisherman and smuggler strikes the wrong deal with a local bandit and is innocently caught up in the rage.
Inspector Daniel Cooper heads the criminal investigative department on the island. He puts together two teams to investigate the ongoing spate of crimes but is thrown into consternation when one of his lead investigators, Charlene went missing and her team members brutally murdered.
In the midst of it all, a destructive Tsunami ravaged the island adding to the outrage. A contingent of prisoners led by a scar faced criminal is set on the loose and has joined forces with Franco Defreitas. The Shadow discovers that he has been maliciously misled by Franco and immediately reunites with his former boss, Erik to recover an unimaginable reservoir of treasure.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 19
Clington Quamie
Smashwords, Inc.

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