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Is your pet a member of your family? Is your fondest wish to give your animal companion happiness and a long, healthy life?

The love you have for your animal companion is the most powerful tool you have, because the language of the heart is intuition, an instinctive sense possessed by both humans and animals that provides natural knowledge in answer to life’s questions. Just as this instinctive
sense provides mothers with the ability to care for their children, it can also help you to be a better caregiver for your pet.

While there is a vast body of scientific knowledge about pet care that you can consult, your inner knowing adds a new dimension to one-size-fits-all programs, answers and therapies. Your pet is unique and deserves to have what’s best for his or her specific needs. In this book, we teach you simple and easy ways to approach all aspects of your pet’s life with a more instinctive, natural attitude. You’ll learn a more natural, rewarding way to choose a pet, to solve behavior problems and to deal with the unique needs of rescued animals. We include topics like environmental energies, animal emotions and other topics to expand your perception of the way your animal views the world. Our goal is to help you combine scientific facts about natural animal care with personal, intuitive sensing of both your own and your pet’s needs and preferences. This natural, intuitive approach can yield not only greater health, but a more bonded, happier life with your pet.

Maggie and Nigel Percy are lifelong animal lovers, animal rescuers and professional intuitives. Maggie has two degrees in Biology with a special interest in animal behavior. Over the years, they have found the perfect balance between science and intuition for creating a strong, happy bond in the human-animal relationship, and in this book they share their hints, secrets and experiences for a natural, intuitive way of interacting with your animal friend.

Buy “Caring For Your Animal Companion” now and begin to experience a more rewarding relationship with your pet.

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