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Carrie Anderson––truth seeker, storyteller, journalist-at-large––is bad at social media and great at getting herself into trouble. 

When she’s fired from her dream job for an ill-advised tweet, she has no other choice but to return to the small town where she grew up with her head hung low. 

It’s temporary, after all. She can work at her family’s bed and breakfast, shore up her finances, and go back to her life and her home in Los Angeles.

There’s only one not-so-little problem…the grouchy ex-NHL star making her rethink what home means.

Jake Turner––great at hockey, bad at people––is not a happy man. 

Haunted by his past, all he wants is to disappear into obscurity, to get away from the scrutiny of the press he’s been under since turning pro at nineteen. But when the press finds him, disappearing is no longer an option. 

Worse yet, the same journalist he’s trying to avoid is making him reconsider whether being forgotten is what he really wants.

June 16
P. Dangelico
Paola Dangelico

Customer Reviews

Virna Thompson ,

Charming and delightful

Carried Away by P. Dangelico a charming slow burning story about finding someone you were never looking for but may just be perfect for you. Carrie is back home but not because she wants to be. This is a temporary stop before getting her life back in order. Jake is surly and trying to hide. Then he meets Carrie. They are slowly getting to know each other and finding something there. Though he was a bit grouchy at the start, we got to see a different side of him as well. Carrie is positive and happy. I loved their story. It was sweet and delightful.

Happy reading!

Lacie Romano ,


How this author always gives the unexpected, I’ll never know! I adore that her books are full of not just heartfelt emotions and love, bit there are always mistakes and redemption that are so well written that it makes you fall even deeper in love with the characters than you can imagine. A must read!

Fa2sdh ,

Fall in love with a grumpy hero

Carrie is/was a reporter. She was fired within the first couple of paragraphs. She finds herself moving back home. For her it’s a temporary move. She is a someone that will grown on you. Her character does a lot of growing before the conclusion. As a reporter she was o my thinking of the story. The truth must be told no matter the cost. Jake saves her life when she gets caught in a snow storm. He is a retired hockey player with a gruff exterior but a soft heart. He had secrets that he keeps under lock and key. They do not get along and there is a lot of witty dialogue. Each meeting between the two knocks off a little bit of dislike and reveals a lot of attraction. They both have trust issues and easily fall into the hurts of the past. The story is told from Carrie’s point of view but we get a clear idea of James’s feelings as they grow. Fun story with some emotional scenes. Nice epilogue to close out.

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