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Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 5 to 11 of the original series and a bonus episode previously only available in the print anthology.
Episode 5 – Syracuse
Carthage wants control of Sicily. So does Athens. Only the port of Syracuse holds out against Carthage’s ambitions. But it has held out for four long years. Carthage is sick of war and wants its sons home. Can his desperate plan succeed in breaking Athens’ final holding in the Western Mediterranean?
Its 409BC. Can Handro meet and make his destiny?
Episode 6 – Handro’s Fleet
Sparta and Athens are fighting again. But which one does Carthage want to win? Sparta’s fleet is small and presents no real threat at sea. Her army is large and superb. Athens’ fleets control the eastern Mediterranean. Is it time for Handro to involve Carthage in the internal affairs of the Greek city states? If so, on which side? Handro will play his own game at this table.
Its 405BC and Greece is the melting pot.
Episode 7 – Handro And Athens
Athens has been humbled on the battle field. Her army broken, her fleets destroyed. But Athens herself is untouched. Handro takes his chance. His orders are to humiliate but not sack the city the inhabitants think of as the cultural capital of the world. Can he walk the fine line that divides destroying Athens’ morale from uniting the Greek city states? By capturing and parading the Vestal Virgins, will he go too far?
Episode 8 – Nemea and Coronae
After ten years of bitter war, finally the combined armies of Sparta and Carthage, under their charismatic leaders Lysander and Handro, have the chance to put an end to the struggles between the Greek city states. To do so, they must face and eliminate the armies of their four largest opponents. Sparta are the masters of hoplite phalanx warfare. Carthage with their sea power are masters of flexibility. Can these two unlikely allies work together and win?
This is 394BC. Greece is in the melting pot once more. Can Carthage control the heat?
Episode 9 – Return To Athens
Handro and the forces of Carthage have won the battles but the other cities of Greece have closed their gates to him and his Spartan allies. The Spartans have stormed Corinth and reduced it to rubble. Handro does not want this fate to befall Thebes and Athens. Can he destroy the power of the city states without destroying the cities themselves?
It is 394BC and Handro must act swiftly to prevent barbarism sweeping Greece.
Episode 10 – Assassin
Handro is taking a well-earned rest in Athens. One night a slight sound disturbs him. The spreading wetness by his side tells him his sleeping companion has been murdered. Is the assassin still in the room? Who is he? Why does he want Handro dead? All is not as it seems as even his allies are turning against him. Has the whole of Greece gone mad?
It is 393BC and Handro is fighting for his own life, in his own bed, while the world waits breathlessly on the victor.
Episode 11 – Revenge
After the failed assassination, Handro must act. But has Lysander truly decided to change sides? Why send a Theban? If Sparta has changed sides, what to do with the Spartan garrison troops in Athens? Why are there plumes of thick smoke rising from Thebes, a city that surrendered to him?
If Lysander is dead and the Spartans have gone mad with blood lust, is it time to remove this cancer from Greece? If so, can he do so without shedding so much blood the Eurotas will run red?
It is 392BC and finally Handro can complete the unification of Greece under Carthage – or will his army die trying?

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