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Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 23 to 28 of original series.
Episode 23 – Expedition
Fed up with the constant raids across the frontier, the river Rhine, into his otherwise peaceful province of Gaul, Hansro, its governor, finally convinces the regional government in Mai Dan to take action. So begins an epic journey that starts with the crossing of the Rhine and sweeps through the forests of modern day Germany. Their tribal enemies will not stand and fight, yet if they do not Hansro’s forces will destroy their homes. As inconclusive engagement follows inconclusive engagement will the Goths and the Vandals finally be brought to account?
It is now 2AD and Carthage is again expanding its influence.
Episode 24 – Hamilcar
Nine years ago Hansro led his punitive expeditions against the tribes west of the Rhine. Now the Emperor is on the scene and his huge army is intent on crushing the Goths once and for all. As the campaign starts, Hamilcar III is surprised and ambushed in the Tutenberg forest. Instead of plunging his forces into despair as the Gauls had wanted, his death finally galvanizes the Carthaginian armies into brutal action. For many generations that followed, their treatment of the Goths, would cow whole regions into submission.
It is 11AD and Pax Carthaga means peace but oh, what a bloody birth for peace.
Episode 25 – Pax Cathaga
There may be peace throughout the empire, Pax Cathaga restored from western tip to eastern border. Unfortunately when a large empire is at peace, eyes can turn inward in their hunger for power. Many believe the centre is corrupt, and needs cleansing by a new dynasty. With two power centres in the Empire, Carthage itself and the great fortress of Mai Dan in the north, will the inevitable happen and the Empire plunge into Civil War?
It is 145AD and will the great empire be torn asunder?
Episode 26 – The Parthians
With the installation of a new dynasty and the end of the civil war, Carthage hopes to rebuild the peace it had prospered in for so long. Sensing weakness, others have different ideas. Suddenly the brave yeomen with their longbows that had stood their ground and won the civil war must fight a different enemy. Out of the east, across the Danube comes a new enemy. The Parthians are the undisputed masters of horse archery. Finally the northern longbow and the Parthian short composite bow will face each other. Which will prevail?
It is 147AD and Carthage must fight for its life one more time.
Episode 27 – Hannibal’s Crusade
The Parthians dealt a bitter blow to the military elite of Carthage. Now Hannibal II will lead a punitive expedition across the Danube and after an epic trek will assail the wild bowmen from the east. This time the longbow will not be outclassed.
It is 149AD and this time Carthage is fighting for revenge.
Episode 28 – Trade Not War
Their borders secure once more Hannibal II returns in triumph to his home city. As the soldiers of the army are released back into civilian life it is now trade that dominates the agenda.
It is 152AD and Pax Carthaga has returned. Will Carthage prosper in peace?

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