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Why do we write Case Studies?

Is it to show off?

To show people who our clients are, or what work we've done?


We write them to help our audience buy

To help them choose us

But the problem?

When you write them like this, the worst possible thing happens...

You push your audience away

You're trying to help them right?

But it looks like this instead

"We're cool, we're awesome, look at the cool people we know"...

That's not what you meant, but its how your reader feels

They don't care about you

They care about them

What's in it FOR THEM?

The secret?...

Case Studies are about a transformation

They tell a story that takes the reader on a journey

From pain to problem, to desire and solution

A good case study helps to SELL your audience

In fact?

It helps to convert 3 of the 4 potential customers that you're missing out on...

The $3 Million Dollar Case Study

In this book I walk you through our own results

How we wrote one case study that generated $3 Million dollars in clients requests in just 2 weeks

Not only that?

But we break down the step-by-step 'plot beats'

What you need to write, where, and when for your case study to connect

To resonate


Because emotion is what moves your audience

That gets them to sit up and take action

Which is why we how you how to get them to take YOUR ACTION

To get that conversion

No joke?

We'll show you the methods that we use to convert between 17-83% of our readers into subscribers

It's just one simple method but its super effetive AND it adds value to the reader

Not bad right?

So what are you waiting for?

Scroll up and download this book NOW >>

Business & Personal Finance
October 16
Daniel Daines-Hutt
Draft2Digital, LLC