Cases in Healthcare Finance, Seventh Edition

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Healthcare finance is a fascinating discipline, yet students often disregard it as either too theoretical or too mechanical. Cases in Healthcare Finance brings abstract concepts to life by aligning classroom work with real-world decision making. By working through the cases in this book, students will gain a better appreciation for how finance principles are applied in practice.


The book's 33 cases explore financial management and accounting in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, medical practices, home health organizations, and integrated delivery systems. Offering relevant background details and a comprehensive picture of the organization, each case presents a financial management decision or challenge for students to analyze and then recommend an appropriate course of action.


 New content in this updated edition includes:

A case that applies revenue and expense budgeting concepts to a clinic at both start-up and year two of operationsA technology vendor selection case refocused on basic calculations and decision criteria in capital budgetingRecent changes in the healthcare environment incorporated throughout to ensure the cases are current

The book's ancillary resources also have been revised and enhanced. Spreadsheet models have been reworked to reflect current tax rates and regulations, incorporate new Excel functions, and present results more clearly. Many of the case questions and solutions have been rewritten based on student and instructor feedback. Updated case solutions have been added to the PowerPoint slides.


Through realistic scenarios and hands-on practice, Cases in Healthcare Finance helps students deepen their understanding of financial theory and strengthen the reasoning skills they need to tackle on-the-job challenges.

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December 22
Health Administration Press
Chicago Review Press, Inc. DBA Independent Publishers Group

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