Cassidy's Gentleman

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Texas in the 1880s was no place for a tenderfoot. Thornton Steele is a gentleman from the East, but he came to run a ranch, and he has the strength and determination to do so. He dreams of starting a new life, free of the strictures of his traditional Maryland family, and he is ready and willing to take on whatever barriers are put in his way. The lawless West of the time provides those barriers in plenty.

Cassidy Hart, a Texas native, shares that dream of starting her life over in another place, but she, by her own account, is no lady. Daughter of an unwed mother, she takes care of herself the best she can in the same little town where she was born, even though the wide-open sky is the only roof she can call her own. She is tough, because she has to be, but sensitive, because that’s the way her mother raised her before dying young.

The gentleman and the not-quite lady are thrown together by circumstance, and the attraction is instantaneous. Still, Cassidy cannot help but doubt the Easterner’s sincerity, and pushes back, even as she is drawn to his strength, charm, and good looks.

Thornton, being a man who knows what he wants, wastes no time attempting to prove his love and concern for Cassidy’s well being. Oftentimes, however, to Cassidy’s chagrin, he demonstrates that concern with his strict hand on her bare bottom.

That, of course, is not the end of the lesson, and Cassidy soon learns to look forward to the soft caresses and kisses that follow a session over the big man’s lap.

Cassidy’s Gentleman is a story of love and fun, intrigue and violence in the scarcely tamed West. It also is a true romance, with plenty of loving domestic discipline in the form of spanking.

Publisher’s Note: Cassidy’s Gentleman is a romance novel that contains descriptions of sex and of domestic discipline in the form of bare-bottom spanking and paddling. If such subject matter offends you, please do not read this book.

November 14
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Customer Reviews

bookstoreriot ,

A diamond in the rough

A lot of spanking related fiction on here is sub-par. I am often disappointed. However, Cassidy’s Gentleman is a wonderful, witty, sexy novella that I recommend to anyone interested in DD. Cassidy is adorable and so is Thorne. But this book!!

debkrod ,

Age play or DD? Can't tell

I really liked the premise and the characters were well developed but the story rang more toward D/s age play than a DD romance. The H frequently referred to the h as young lady or little girl and ordered her to her room or to complete her "schoolwork" with threats of punishment if she didn't comply. The H also talked down to the h and found her discomfort after a punishment amusing (I really hate that)! I also didn't like how the H wanted to change the h into the lady he wanted without regard for whether she wanted to change and most of the punishments were due to her unladylike behavior instead of for her well being. While I enjoy DD romances I don't enjoy age play romances as it creeps me out; grown men having sex with women they treat as children; eww! Rated PG 13

Note to authors- please stop having the HoH refer to the h as little girl or young lady. It's very off putting especially when the characters are of similar age.

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