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Six friends have gathered on a lonely night to play a simple game involving a single die. After the first toss, the changes are quick and frequent, impacting every single player in the circle in ways they couldn't have possibly imagined. However, the instructions do not mention anything about turning back to normal, and at the end of three rounds each contestant may finish with an undesired fate.

Length: 15,200 words

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions and horror undertones. Themes include gender transformations, body part swapping, inanimate changes, age regression, shrinking, growing, pregnancy, and other perverted fantasies. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.


When the die was cast from his open hand, Matt held his breath as it tumbled along the carpet, and eventually came to rest with six dots pointed to the ceiling.

"Oh, swap!" Susie grinned. "I wonder what we can swap."

"Probably anything," Vinny replied. "I mean, just look!" He gestured to the six-inch-tall woman lying under a pair of silky underwear. "If that's possible, then anything surely is."

Matt retrieved the die and cast it out a second time. It landed on a five.

All the eyes in the room turned to Sara, who was too busy rubbing her boyfriend's muscular chest that she didn't even notice the result of the toss. Only after a nudge did she become aware of everyone looking at her. "What is it?"

"Say something to swap with Matt."

Her eyes turned to the boy across from her, and her brow relaxed. "What if I don't want to?"

"You have to," nearly everyone said.

"Oh, fine," she pouted. "Take my ... um ... voice!"

Matt felt a tightening in his throat, like something was clamping around his neck. He coughed repeatedly, until finally a fresh breath of air passed through his trachea.
"So what hap —" He immediately covered his mouth.

Susie, Johnny, Vinny, and a doll-sized Kat all looked at Matt, and then back at Sara. They had all seen the boy's mouth open and close, and an entirely new voice exit his throat.

"Hey, you have my voice!" Sara spoke in a much deeper masculine tone. It was Matt's voice to be exact, although, like a flute being played by a different flutist, it sounded a little different.

Johnny was taken aback. "Babe, that voice doesn't suit you at all!"

Matt cringed as he opened his mouth again, trying to force his voice into something similar before the roll of the die. Regardless, it continued in high-pitched chirps. "Okay, so someone please continue so I can get my own voice back. I don't want to sound like a girl for too long."

Johnny pointed at Matt. "That man has a point. Do please continue, Susie." He reached for the die and handed it to the next girl to go.

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January 25
Gregor Daniels
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