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New covers, new blurbs, find out why readers are in love with International Bestselling Author KL Donn's first dark romance series today.

Adopted to the Adair name as a young adult, Castiel Adair is loyal to one man and one man only – King. When King requests that he find those responsible for the near destruction of the Empire, Castiel finds himself wading through the swampy marshes of Louisiana. He remains in the shadows…watching, calculating, evaluating the right time to strike. Until he discovers a girl looking for a way out.

Talia Andersson wasn't about to be a pawn in her father's game, but she needed help. She wasn't expecting that help to come in the form of the most intense and gorgeous man she'd ever seen. But she knew in choosing the enemy of her father to be her lover, was her only choice. Rescued only to be stolen again, Talia ends up bloodied, broken and left for dead.

Cas goes on a rampage in search of Talia all the while eliminating every threat from his new conquest's life. With his brand marking her soul and only a few leads as to where she could be, will he find her before her time is up?  More importantly: can the Adair Empire last another fight against the McCray Clan, or will they be laid to rest?


The Adair Empire is a dark and graphic romance series, each with a different couple but a continuing story arc throughout the series. While the series has been recovered, there is NO new content.

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Grasping For Air

April 20
KL Donn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ccaidan ,

Her light catches his attention, her darkness binds his soul

Castiel is book number three in the Adair Empire series. These are not stand alones so you need to start this roller coaster ride at the beginning with King: 13 Little Lies. The stories are unapologetically darker in tone. Castiel is the hero of this story. He’s not everyone’s kind of hero but he’s Talia’s kind. Castiel sees the innocence in Talia but he’s unprepared for the darkness that lies just beneath her surface. Her light might be what catches his eye but it’s her dark that will bind them together. Talia was raised with thinly veiled lies. Her entire life is geared towards maintaining the lies of her family. She longs for truth. Castiel gives her pleasure laced with pain but most importantly, he gives her some of the purest truths her heart has ever known. These characters are not playing at darkness, they live it. Their relationship is far from conventional but you’ve no choice but to believe in it!

This story is relationship safe. Otherwise this is a graphic story. The themes are dark. There’s both graphic sexual situations and graphic violence. Each story covers one couple but the main story line is to be continued so be prepared to sweat it out until you can get your next fix of these men and their Empire!

Vanilla34 ,


With each book in this decadent series the stories get hotter and dirtier. I must admit I think this is KL best work to date. Now don’t get me wrong I love all her other series but it’s just something about the men of the Adair Empire that just set my soul ablaze. Castiel is a man that will use whatever means he has to get whatever he needs and Talia is no different. Except she knows better and so does he. These two lit the pages of this book on fire and when all the men of the Empire get together beware because death is somewhere on the horizon. I LOVED this book and can’t wait for what’s next!!!!

cindih78 ,

Love this story!

It is no surprise that I love KL Donn’s books. I was a little leery of this new series at first but once again she has captured my heart with this book. Talia just made my heart both hurt and rejoice and Castiel is my favorite character in this series so far. I can’t wait for the next book. These characters made me cry, cheer, and swear (which is rare) as they carried me along on their journey.

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