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This boxset contains the first three casting couch stories featuring Sophie, Abbey and Chloe.

Sophie's story:

Inexperience makes him grow.

Sophie’s tender age and unequivocal inexperience are exactly what Jamie’s looking for, when he invites her over for a casting session and a chance to be the main performer in his brand new film.

Even though she’s never done anything like this before, she’s only just old enough to vote, and Jamie’s more than twice her age, it doesn’t stop Sophie giving him exactly what he wants.

For Jamie, this is a chance like no other, and he knows it. Sophie may have arrived pure, but that’s definitely not the way she’s going to leave.

Abbey's story:

Young, inexperienced, and open minded girls needed for upcoming adult entertainment project.

When I see that advert, I can’t help but get a little excited. The idea of people watching me has always turned me on, but the opportunity to finally do what I haven’t yet had the chance to, is appealing enough alone to encourage me to contact him. Jamie’s much better looking than I expected, much bigger than I might be able to handle too, but I not going to let that stop me. This is an audition unlike any other, and I’m not planning on leaving until I get exactly what I want.

Chloe's story:

The first time is always the best.

Even though this is the first time Chloe’s done something like this, she knows exactly what she wants. Chocolate brown eyes and a beautiful smile aren’t going to be enough to hide her filthy mind, and with a specific fetish that suits the situation perfectly, Jamie’s happy to turn this angel all different ways of dirty.

It’s so good, he may have to invite her back for a second helping.

Chloe’s enlightenment is the third story in this adult entertainment series.

This book contains themes that some readers might find incredibly arousing.

Fiction & Literature
October 11
Tabitha Cole
Draft2Digital, LLC

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