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The tenth book of International Bestselling Author, Avery Gale's phenomenally successful series, The Adlers, is filled with magic, laughter, red-hot kink, and enough craziness to drive the Doms of the Prairie Winds and ShadowDance Clubs to the edge.  

Catalina Adler:  My kidnapping and torture still haunt me, but like everything else in the world of magic… nothing is as it seems.  My jewelry design business is taking off, and what I planned as a small side venture into kinky pieces is threatening to take over.  

A brief stay at Cameron and Dr. Cecelia Barnes' home means the booze is expensive and the laughter plentiful—but nothing good lasts forever.  When danger finds me, the numerous men in my life decide to send me to Colorado—damn it… it's cold in the Rockies.  Most shifters love cold weather—I'm not one of them.  

Geriatric wizards and witches with agendas, bossy Doms, and a surprising enemy are all complications that test my sanity.  The one constant—Cooper Hicks—but is he enough to keep me from skating over the edge? 

Cooper Hicks:  I knew she was mine the first moment I saw her walking across campus—too young, too smart, and sporting an attitude big enough to make any blue-blooded Southern mama proud.  For years, Catalina Adler was my biggest temptation and a colossal pain in my rear.  The woman would test the patience of a saint—and my nomination for sainthood was shredded and the pieces incinerated years earlier.  

After introducing her to the D/s dynamic her fate was sealed… I planned to make Catalina mine in every way possible.  Rescuing her from a filth infested cell in BFE was a blessing in disguise.  As an intelligence agent, she was too compromised to ever return to the field, and he'd hoped her business would keep her safe.  He should have known better.  

Keeping Catalina safe is a full-time job and help comes from the most unexpected places. 

Fiction & Literature
February 8
Avery Gale
Draft2Digital, LLC

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