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I have learned a few things in my life. If you can’t wear clean underwear, don’t wear any at all. Never trust a vampire. Secret ruling councils should generally be avoided. Finally, and this is the most important, very few people are ever what they seem.
However, it wasn’t always easy to live by these rules. Like, when said secret ruling council demanded my appearance and then did the worst thing they could possible do and inflamed my curiosity. Asking me to go to New Orleans to investigate a series of werewolf attacks, I couldn’t possibly say no to that.
The first problem was werewolves had been eliminated from the Abyss so it was impossible that they were killing anyone. The second fiasco was that more vampires were in this city than ever before, including the one who was intent on ruining my life. And the third complication was I couldn’t tell anyone else about my mission or I would forfeit my freedom to the council.
Some missions are easy. Others are a Catastrophe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 15
Liz Schulte
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bookcrazy1002 ,

Lost girl

If you've seen the TV series Lost girl, a show that used to come on syfy but is now on Netflix, then you will like this book. The book is similar to the tc show with references I wouldn't have been able to understand without watching the show.

Teo Sip ,

Stupid main character

The heroine is also brute force with no brain

gnarlyis3 ,

A roller coaster ride

Our main character, Femi, isn't so good at thinking long-term. In fact it's a good thing that her ancestor, the cat god, Sekmet, passed along his abilities to allow her kind 9 lives because it is obvious from the beginning that she is going to be using them. Femi's first big decision in the book is typical of her outlook - a pure impulse decision that she makes based on feelings that a) the council might think someone else as capable as she is at doing her job and b) that she can show them that they should have already recognized her full capabilities at handling the difficult super-secret jobs that the council hands out.

It might appear from this description that Femi is stupidly running from one self- inflicted catastrophe to the next but she is actually portrayed as very quick on her feet and able to make solid decisions in emergency situations even when in doubt. She is mercurial and clever and a sympathetic character that I liked very well by the end.

4 stars because, although I really enjoyed the book I've read similar in Debra Dunbar's Imp series (also one I really enjoyed).

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