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When Kassidy Thomas decided to stop hiding behind her past, and start living, she didn’t quite bet on that start including her singing a horrible song in front of the handsomest bachelor in the NFL, Wyatt Hamilton. She also didn’t think he’d then ask her out on a date, but turns out when you’re actually living life...crazy things happen.

Wyatt is a player in every sense of the word. Married to the game, he has no interest in relationships, love, or even second nights with the same woman. But from the moment the girl-next-door beauty Kassidy knocks on his door to deliver a singing telegram, nothing goes as planned. He can’t stop thinking about her, and he keeps showing up on her doorstep for more, even though he knows he shouldn’t. Because as hard as she is to resist, falling for her could cost him everything.

Each book in the Hamilton Family series is STANDALONE.
* The CEO's Seduction
* Romancing the Bachelor
* Catching the Player

October 9
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Laura__F ,

Great read!

I haven't read the first two books in this series but that's ok because this book can completely be read as a standalone.

The beginning of this book had me in hysterics. Kassidy loses a bet to her brother and has to deliver a singing telegram in a pretty revealing costume. Except she can't sing, at all. The entire exchange at Wyatt's house had me laughing so hard I couldn't even see the screen. The chemistry and connection between Kassidy and Wyatt was immediate but Wyatt is married to football and isn't looking for anything to get in the way of that. Kassidy has taken herself out of the dating game but is ready to start living life again. They promise to not expect more than the other can give but that's not always possible when life throws curveballs your way.

I did really like Kass and Wyatt but there times that I just wanted them to get over themselves. Why can't Wyatt have a girlfriend and still be just as committed to football? Why can't Kass just say what she wants? I loved how their story came full circle at the end and the epilogue was insanely sweet. I will definitely be adding the first two books to my TBR!

bh313@hotmail ,


This was a great read! Full of humor, sexy times, and a wonderful romance. From the opening scene to the HEA it was completely entertaining. It has some wonderful characters and great writing. Kassidy is a flower arranging accountant being held back by her past. Wyatt is a commitment phobe devoted to his career. Kassidy and Wyatt were great together. Two people not looking for anything serious but sometimes life has different plans. Definitely a book I recommend to everyone!

Agent$$$$ ,

One Night Stand or More

Kassidy Thomas lost a bet that Wyatt Hamilton, star quarterback wouldn't heal in time to play and win a game. So she had to wear a Tinkerbell costume and deliver a sing-o-gram. Only Kassidy can't sing. When she discovers who's on the other side of the doors, she confronts Wyatt telling him she lost a bet because of him. Suddenly shy, she backs into an invaluable vase, knocking it over and breaking it. She offers to pay him back, but realizes she can't with money. Wyatt jokingly asks if she speaks Chinese...

Wyatt can't believe his luck. He opens the door to the worst singing he's ever heard, to see "Tinkerbell". When Kassidy doesn't go all "fan girl" on him, he's intrigued even more. When he jokingly asks if she can speak Chinese, he can't believe his luck. He was about to meet with possible Chinese sponsors, but no longer had an agent and couldn't speak Chinese. Kassidy quickly offers her services to pay her debt. What started out as fulfilling a lost bet turns into sooo much more.

Wyatt has one love, football. He doesn't think he has room in his life for more. He believes if he splits his focus between a girl and football, then he'll be less than in football. Yet, he can't stop thinking about Kassidy. Kassidy wants it all. She wants a man who loves her, a home, and kids. She knows Wyatt can't be that for her, but she'll take what he can give. Kassidy has promised herself to start living, so instead of overthinking things she just goes for it.

This is the third novel in The Hamilton Family series. I'm OCD about reading a series out of order, but I'm truly glad I did. I would've missed a wonderful, light, funny, swoon-worthy novel! It was laugh out loud funny. It made you want to reach through your reader and cover Wyatt's mouth so he'd stop his episode of word diarrhea because you KNEW he'd regret it later. At the same time, I rooted for him to win Kass' heart. I can't wait to go back and read the first two novels in the series and hope his brothers are as swoon-worthy! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

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